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As a staffing agency recruiter, you have a rare ability to help peoples’ dreams come true. It’s your role that facilitates the introductory handshake between hiring managers and potential employees. You help top performers reach new heights in their careers, and by making this crucial connection, you make it possible for companies to grow with the right talent. But making exceptional connections isn’t the only perk of working as a recruiter.

Here are 6 less-than-obvious perks of working for a staffing company like Modis:

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Jobs Report

We are seeing positive growth in this month’s regional report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The big news is 41 states had unemployment rate decreases compared to 34 states in October. Three states had unemployment rate increases and six states saw no change this month.

Another key highlight from the report is 20 states are now reporting unemployment rates significantly lower than the national figure, which currently sits at 5.8% and industry experts are saying this growth trend will continue into 2015.

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The 2014 Geek Gift Guide

by Modis on December 15, 2014

Geek Gift GuideAs 2014 comes to a close, we’ve been exploring the important role technology plays in the connections we make every day. As demonstrated in our holiday video, technology has played a substantial role in the way we reach out as well as in the gifts we give our loved ones over the years. With the rush of the holiday gift giving season is upon us, and we’ve been busy scoping out all of the gadgets, gizmos and other cool items for all of the geeks in our lives (okay, and for ourselves too).

To get in the spirit of giving, we pinned our plenty of cool stuff to Geek Gift Guide Pinterest board. From there, we took note of our favorites to create our 2014 Geek Gift Guide. Whether your list is filled with gregarious games, serious superfans, or a fierce first adopters who always have the latest tech toy, we’ve got them covered. So as you’re making your list and checking it twice, check out our gift guide to find some inspiration and useful gifting suggestions for every geek in your life!

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Happy Holidays from Modis!

by Modis on December 8, 2014

Happy Holidays from ModisWith each year that passes, it seems the days and time zip by faster and faster. In what seems like the blink of an eye, the 2014 holiday season is upon us. Between Cyber Monday and New Year’s Day, the inundation of online deals and the latest gadgets and hottest toys can make the holiday seasons seem like a blur. And, because we work in the ever-changing tech world, we know that the advancements made every day play a significant role in our increased pace of life.

However, we also see tech as a gift presented to us with more powerful means to reach out to our loved ones. We celebrate the technology that enables us to slow down and connect with what really matters. With that in mind, we created our holiday video to highlight some of the gadgets throughout the years as well as the importance of timeless, exceptional connections. We hope you enjoy it:

Exceptional Connections: The Gift of Technology

Technology is a gift. At Modis, we have the capabilities to help you make the most of it whether you’re looking to take your career to the next level or expand your IT department and hire exceptional tech talent in the new year. Contact us today.


November Unemployment Rate

According to the monthly Employment Situation released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics today, November reported the creation of 321,000 new jobs. November is the first month reporting more than 300,000 new jobs since April of this year. Despite widespread job gains, the unemployment rate remained steady at 5.8% nationally.

The 321,000 new jobs far surpassed the 224,000 average monthly gain over the past twelve months. So far in 2014, the annual monthly average of new jobs is 241,000 per month. From an annual perspective, the average monthly gains in 2012 and 2013 were 186,000 and 194,000 respectively.

The November Employment Situation also revised numbers for September and October. The September Jobs Report originally reported 248,000 new jobs, which was revised up to 256,000 in October, and up to 271,000 in November. The October Jobs Report initially reported 214,000 new jobs, and the November report revised up to 243,000. These two revisions equaled 44,000 more jobs than reported last month.

Spotlighting November’s Tech-specific Stats

Professional and business services (the industry containing the tech sector) led in job growth for the month with the creation of 86,000 jobs. This far surpasses the average gain of 57,000 per month over the past twelve months.

Within the professional and business services industry, the IT-specific growth was also on par with the past several months. Management and technical consulting services reported 7,300 new jobs, while computer systems design and related services reported 6,500. This is indicative of the sustained, long-term growth in information technology.

Projected Tech Growth for 2015 and Beyond

By 2022, most of the major IT professions are expected to undergo significant growth due to the booming tech revolution. Understanding these changes and how the industry reached this point is essential for success moving forward in the competitive IT hiring space. Our latest infographic highlights the major tech milestones of the last quarter of a century and how they’ve shaped the IT professionals we see today. View it here.


endangered office suppliesRemember the good old days when computers required punch cards to operate and used to fill an entire room? Didn’t think so, and why would you want to – really – when that smartphone in your pocket right now could run circles around the fossilized technological doodads of days past?

It’s easy to take innovation for granted when you work in a fast-paced, high-tech office environment. The tools of yesterday certainly seem silly when compared to the latest shiny modern convenience, and the handy tech gizmos and common office supplies that have changed so much in recent years continue to shift at a rapid pace.

Indeed, in just a few short decades, someone just might laugh at the thought of using email and laser printers. Who needs that when they can beam data directly into their co-workers’ cyborg data chips, right? As we marvel at what craziness the future might hold, let’s take a trip down memory lane to look at those who top the endangered or extinct office supplies and tech list:

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