The magic of crowdfunding is empowering lots of creatives and inventors to test out their ideas, then bring them to fruition without risking financial life and limb before they’re certain their concepts are proven wins. On Kickstarter, tech projects and electro geekery are huge draws among the thousands of assorted campaigns that are live at any given moment across 15 diverse categories.

After digging through the vast sea of unusual and innovative projects on tap on the Kickstarter platform, we’ve found some incredible stuff to share! Take a peek at these fascinating tech-centric kickstarter campaigns that are bound to tickle your inner geek.


A wearable ring-like computer mouse that lets you play games, code, surf the web, and do just about anything else you can imagine by using simple hand movements? Yes, please! Mycestro‘s lightweight Bluetooth powered design also lets you wear it comfortable while you’re typing. Bonus: it doubles as an über geeky fashion accessory!

Packed Pixels

If, like us, you’re used to the flexibility of a dual monitor desktop setup, jumping back to a single monitor while you’re on-the-go can feel agonizing. That’s where Packed Pixels saves the day. This tablet-sized high-resolution PC monitor hooks up to your laptop to give you more visual real estate to work with. It’s ultra portable and, frankly, a rather brilliant idea.

The Hug

When you’re immersed in a project and can’t peel yourself away from the computer for days on end, it’s easy to let simple but important things go the wayside…like proper hydration. The Hug is a neat bit of tech that attaches to any water bottle. It monitors motion data and uses algorithms to track how much you drink. That data is then sent to an iOS app that gauges your water intake, parses all the data into cool charts, and reminds you to keep yourself well-watered. Way to nerdify hydration in a fun way!


File this one under absolutely ingenius. SwivelCard is a normal business card with a high-tech twist: it has a USB drive printed into it. Yes, on the actual paper. You can program the card’s unique ID online so that it opens up any webpage you choose, including other online data, making it a really powerful way to make an impression on business contacts you meet.


We often have lots of different tech doodads, ranging from smartphones and laptops to desktops and tablets lying around. What makes Lima special is the way it lets you consolidate the file sharing between all your disparate devices, so that they all work as a group and share the exact same files as if they were a single device. It effectively erases the need to manually share files and hop between different gizmos because you forgot an important document elsewhere. Super handy!

Create Some Crowdfunding Buzz

Have you found any other cool tech or geek-friendly Kickstarter campaigns we should know about? Share your favorite ones in the comment section below!


Mrs Nebraska Amanda Reinert 2We’re welcoming back Modis Colleague and Mrs. Nebraska 2014, Amanda Reinert, to the Modis blog. Last week, she detailed the importance of preparation both in the office and on the stage. Today she’s sharing her insight on how she keeps cool in an competitive environment. This week, she’s competing for the title of Mrs. America at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tuscon, Arizona. Good luck, Mrs. Nebraska!

I’m often asked about “keeping my cool.” Being calm, cool and collected as a Modis RDM comes with experience, time and coming into any situation knowledgably and prepared. I believe that those same factors contribute to keeping your cool in a competition setting. At the end of the day, I have to know that I’m the best version of myself that I can possibly be, that I’ve worked hard, and prepared in the best way I can. I’ve also invested 21 years of my life into pageantry, just as experience in recruiting helps you keep your cool, experience in pageantry can help calm those jitters and nerves.

Mrs Nebraska CrowningAnother big aspect of keeping my cool in both my professional career and in competition is organization. If I’m organized going into an IOI, interview, meeting or phone call, I’m much less likely to feel jittery or nervous. I’ve got all my ducks in a row and I’m ready to go. That same concept applies to pageantry. Keeping yourself together and organized not just at the competition but in the months leading up to the big day is extremely vital. Having your paperwork, wardrobe, beauty supplies and thoughts all in line ahead of time will insure a nice calm and fun competition!

At the end of the day staying “cool” at Mrs. America will boil down to 4 items:

      • I’m the best version of myself that I can possibly be
      • I have worked tirelessly and hard to get to where I am today
      • I deserve to be here
      • I will be a great representative of the Mrs. America system—it really is mind over matter!

Connect with a Cool Career

Amanda is just one of the many colleagues that contributes to making Modis an exceptional and dynamic workplace. Our corporate culture makes working with us an enriching and rewarding experience. Take a look at some of our open positions and connect with us.


Creating an exceptional connection during an interview is a key step in getting hired for a position. Often times in the job hunting process, you’ll find yourself answering some of the same questions in each interview. In this week’s edition of our series on tackling tough interview questions, Modis President Jack Cullen explains how you can sell yourself when asked “What Can You Offer Me That Another Person Can’t?”

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At Modis, we’re proud to have a dynamic group of colleagues within our company. Amanda Reinert is a Resource Development Manager in our Omaha branch, and she’s also Mrs. Nebraska 2014. Next week, she’ll be traveling to the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tuscon, Arizona, to compete for the title of Mrs . America

Mrs Nebraska Amanda ReinertAs she prepares for the big competition, she’s provided her insight on how her career as an RDM with Modis has helped her prepare and vice versa. Her tips on preparation are applicable both on the stage and in the workplace. Best of luck at Mrs. America, Amanda!

The motto that I use when preparing for the Mrs. America competition is very much the same that I use as a recruiter with Modis: Failing to plan is planning to fail. I think that this sums up both my preparations for the competition and my professional life nicely. As a recruiter, our success is based on our level of organization and being prepared-whether that is a call plan, preparing for a meeting, prepping a candidate for an interview or just planning out your goals for the day — the key to success as a Modis RDM is to be prepared.

I believe these same principles shape the way that I have gone about preparing for the biggest competition of my life. There are 3 portions of the Mrs. America pageant: Interview, Evening Gown and Swimsuit. All of them require an immense amount of focus, time, energy and preparation.

For the interview portion, I have to be prepared by brushing up on current events, know my platform organization inside and out so that I can answer any question that may be thrown my way. Topics range from politics to opinions on social issues such as divorce and how to raise children to general questions about my community service activities.

In evening gown, it’s all about being prepared to have that spotlight on me with hundreds of thousands of eyes. My gown has to be tailored to fit perfectly, and I have to practice walking in those glorious heels that will take me from 5’1” to 5’6”. I have to be confident, poised and prepared.

Last but certainly not least – the swimsuit portion. I believe the importance of preparation here goes without saying: You are in a swimsuit and heels on stage for thousands of people to see! Along with that comes hours upon hours at the gym, healthy eating and of course more practice in those heels.

The winner of Mrs. America will be given this job and opportunity for two reasons: she is the most confident in herself and who she is, and because she was the most prepared. Competing against 51 other outstanding women is all about being mentally strong, confident and above all – PREPARED!

Prepare for Your Success

Mrs. Nebraska Amanda Reinert is one of our many successful Modis colleagues. When our people do their best, we do our best to recognize them in return. Interested in a career at Modis? Learn more about us and our open positions today.


In part one of our series about tackling tough interview questions, Modis President Jack Cullen provided his insight on discussing your biggest weakness. In today’s installment, he’s shedding light on when an interviewer asks you to discuss a time you had a conflict with a co-worker.

Interviewers ask this question to gauge interpersonal skills as well as management abilities and past job performance. Mostly, they’re trying to understand how candidates react under the pressure of workplace conflict. Jack has some excellent advice on how to handle this tricky question:

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Creating a Culture of Accountability

by Modis on August 19, 2014

Increasing Employee Engagement StrategyRegardless of the size of your workforce, it’s essential that employees are performing at their peak to ensure success. A company’s culture is one of the most significant factors in employee engagement, and engaged employees are efficient employees. A recent Gallup State of the American Workplace Study found that “Only 30 percent of the U.S. workforce is engaged in their work, and the ratio of actively disengaged to engaged employees is roughly 2-to-1, meaning that the vast majority of U.S. workers (70 percent) are not reaching their full potential.”

Engaging employees is essential to retain your top talent and their abilities with so many other businesses in hiring mode. Startups are paving the way for corporate culture, and our latest whitepaper discusses how businesses of all sizes can make for meaningful changes for maximum results. By creating a culture of accountability within their organizations, startups winning the employee engagement battle.

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