Top Cloud Computing Tech Jobs

by Modis on February 23, 2017

exceptional cloud computing professionalCloud computing is transforming business, helping companies become more efficient while reducing costs. Instead of having to maintain technology infrastructure and engage in an endless loop of software upgrades, they can outsource storage, computing power and applications to cloud providers.

While it’s been around for more than a decade, there seems to be a second wave of cloud evolution beginning in 2017, according to CIO. While the first wave was led by startups looking to speed time to market, now large enterprises – with huge budgets – are moving to the cloud.

This wave will open up new IT career options, while more is being demanded from traditional infotech roles. In our white paper, Leveraging the Cloud, we looked at the new tech jobs in this sector, as well as how the move to the cloud will affect job growth and earnings for traditional IT roles.

Cloud Computing Tech Jobs

According to the Modis Salary Guide, cloud-related tech jobs are highly paid. Here are some of the hottest jobs:

Cloud Architect: From initial analysis of requirements to defining standards, selecting vendors and products, through maintaining systems throughout their lifecycles, the architect takes ownership. Cloud architects must also understand cloud computing, including virtualization, software-defined networking, network infrastructures, physical and virtual storage, data center computing, backup and recovery technologies, disaster recovery and business continuity technologies. They’re paid a median salary of $131,798.

Cloud Developer: Cloud developers may need to know Java and Hadoop , as well as industry-specific applications; be familiar with a variety of cloud and installed databases such as NoSQL, MongoDB and/or Apache Couch DB; and manage data storage, whether on-premise, in the cloud or migrating. These skills command a median salary of $95,165.

Cloud Engineer: These engineers collaborate with cloud architects and cloud solutions engineers, as well as others on the IT and business sides, to design, test and assist with the development, integration and implementation of cloud-based solutions. This work may include testing, working on proofs of concept, implementing cloud-based technologies and supporting the development of a structured, standardized, and consolidated set of services to achieve business goals. The median salary for this job is $102,000.

Customer Support Cloud Engineer: When product or software problems are highly complex, these engineers step in to save the day for customers. Therefore, they need strong people skills as well as serious engineering chops. For example, a Cloud Support Engineer at Amazon must have knowledge of cloud computing and experience with scripting, programming and database administration. People in this job may also provide training to other staffers and contribute intellectual property material. Their median salary is $102,000.

Look to the cloud for the next wave of your career growth.

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