Continuing Education for IT Analysts

by Modis on June 23, 2014

Continuing Education for ITWith technology and the times changing faster than we can keep up, staying ahead of the learning curve can be tricky business in the fast-paced IT world. If you want to stay current in your career field of choice, it’s important to brush up on important skills related to your discipline. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to continue learning beyond a core formal education.

In this second installment in our ongoing series exploring helpful continuing education opportunities for careers in the IT realm, we offer-up a selection of resources aimed at analysts. Whether you’re a database analyst, quality control analyst, or data analyst looking to expand your skills to stay up-to-date, check out these options for boosting your knowledge base.

Big Data TechCon

Sponsored BZ Media, this info-packed San Diego conference is a melting pot and excellent learning opportunity for data enthusiasts of all stripes. With a slew of classes, tutorials, trainings, and networking opportunities, Big Data TechCon is a can’t miss event that covers the whole spectrum of data analysis, so there’s lots of personal skill growth potential to be found here regardless of your specific focus.


Can’t find the time to get out and about for a convention? No problem! You’ll find a wide range of learning opportunities through Cloudera‘s great selection of training courses, online resources, and certification programs. Their analyst course track is well-attuned to the needs of any aspiring data wizard looking to up their game.

Data to Decisions Training

If you’re eager to look beyond the numbers and really get a feel turn information into valuable action, the Data to Decisions analytics trainings run by Aryng are a smart place to start. The site’s informative blog posts and whitepapers are insightful reads too, if you’re inclined to just browse and catch up on what’s happening in the industry.


The cool thing about Udemy is it offers a veritable smorgasbord of classes create by lots of different experts across multiple branches of the industry — many of which are more affordable than what you’ll find elsewhere. It has a handful of data analysis-specific courses as well as others that relate, and new courses pop-up at a regular clip. Plus, down the road you can always create your own specialized online Udemy classes to share knowledge with your peers too.

More CE for IT

Stay tuned for our future installments in our IT continuing education resources series. Next up, we’ll cover learning resources for software and java developers.

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