The 2014 Modis Salary Guide for IT Professionals is Now Available

by Modis on September 24, 2013

When investing in technology, specs are important. If you’re hardware is underpowered, chances are it will produce results that are underwhelming. On the flipside, if your tech is too powerful, it probably costs too much money.

The same holds true when investing in your workforce. Offer IT salaries that are below the market, and you’ll get talent that’s below par. Offer too much money for every hire, and you’ll be putting a strain on your budget.

You want to be precise. You want to be specific. You want to be accurate. That’s why you need our 2014 Salary Guide for IT Professionals, which is available now! Don’t wait. Request your free copy.

Accurate & Comprehensive IT Salaries Data

The 2014 Salary Guide is the definitive resource for salary information in the IT industry. Here’s why:

The Modis 2014 Salary Guide is available now!

You get IT salary insight that’s tailored to you: The guide features the most accurate and expansive collection of IT salary data available, including compensation information for thousands of IT positions. Within these positions, we provide salary by company size (small, medium and large), base salary (low, high and average), and total cash compensation (low, high and average), so you can get the salary specs you need for your business.

It offers the right specs for your location: With variance calculators for 75 major metro markets throughout the country, you can find the right price for IT talent in a single office or across the country.

It’s based on real IT connections: While other salary resources are based on government data and widely published statistics, our guide based on our own real, verifiable and accurate hiring activity —  which consists of thousands of IT job placements every day.

Get the specs you need to maximize your investments in your technology and your tech workforce. Request your free copy of our 2014 Salary Guide now!

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