3 Reasons I Connect with Social Media

by Andy Buffington on July 10, 2012

Connecting is the name of the game when it comes to recruiting, which is why I personally love social media. The greatest benefit of social media is the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. And while admittedly not as good as meeting someone in-person, it allows me to reach out to a broad audience and assist them in some way.

I can have a stirring conversation on Twitter, I can post a job on LinkedIn, or I can discuss an article written by someone completely unknown to me on Google+. It gives me the ability to stretch my reach to people I’d never have known about otherwise, through our shared interests rather than their job status.

With so many options to choose from, each with its own benefits, it has been a journey to discover what social media venues work best for my recruiting purposes.  Here are three reasons I use social media to connect.

  1. Inform and be informed: I actively use Twitter and Google+ to post news stories, articles, blog posts and infographics on topics relevant to the IT industry. This is less about recruiting and more about the joy of sharing information that might benefit others who share my interests. On the flipside, I continually increase my own knowledge about business and IT from others posting in the very same way, which helps me improve my level of service as an IT recruiter.
  2. Track trends: Being connected on LinkedIn helps me keep an eye on all the changes that my connections make and, for some, lets me know they are seeking a new job. Following job changes can give me an indication of local and sometimes national trends. If a certain company or skill set is gaining prominence, there may be an underlying change in the local market or the industry driving the shift – something I would need to research to best serve my consultants.
  3. Stay available and fresh: There’s always something new to learn, especially in the realm of technology. Join that with the need to stay connected, and social media kills two birds with one stone. I love the ability to share knowledge and conversations, and my favorite – infographics on Pinterest (it’s the visual learner in me!).

Next time – three ways you can connect with recruiters like me and why it is advantageous for you to do so.

Andy Buffington is a Resource Development Manager for the Modis Harrisburg office in Mechanicsburg, PA. You can hook up with Andy on Google+ and Twitter.

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