Why Top Tech and Engineering Talent Sticks Around

by Modis on May 17, 2017

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The U.S. unemployment rate has dropped every month so far in 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Coupled with the rise of job creation in IT and engineering, the economy is quickly becoming more favorable for job seekers.

Where does that leave you if you’re an employer seeking to hire top talent? We surveyed IT and engineering professionals to find out what benefits attract them to companies and, more importantly, keep them there.


Topping the list of most important benefits for both IT and engineering was salary. Tech workers and engineers are typically working behind the scenes to support entire companies and product lines. While they may not often receive praise and accolades for their hard work, a competitive salary is a surefire way to make them feel valued and appreciated. If you want to ensure you’re paying your team on par with others in the industry, our engineering salary guide and IT salary guide are a great place to start.

Opportunity to Advance in Career

When workers invest their best in their professional efforts, they want to be recognized not only for their work, but also for their professional potential. Ranked as the #2 most important benefit by tech professionals and #3 by engineers, the opportunity to advance in their careers is a major factor for these workforces. In addition to showing these employees you want them to grow within your company, this also shows other employees that you’re dedicated to developing your workforce.​

Ability to Innovate and Create New Products, Projects or Ideas

IT professionals and engineers have knowledge in their respective fields and they want to wield it to benefit their work. Once employees have proven their knowledge by producing exemplary work, opening the door for them to innovate and create new products, projects or ideas allows them to showcase their knowledge and bring even more passion to the table. As the #2 most important benefit to engineers and the #3 for IT workers, this is an opportunity not to be overlooked by employers!​

Ability to Create Change or Have a Voice Within the Company

While it takes a great deal of confidence to allow employees to create new products and ideas, it takes even more to allow them to impact change within your company. It’s this confidence, however, that makes your workforce feel respected and valued. How do you open the door to begin this process? A comments box in your break room is a great starting point!​

Flex-Hours/Working Remotely

Technological advancements have created opportunities previous workforces could only dream of! One of those is the ability to work remotely or utilize flex-hours. From wifi connections to remote VPN access, working offsite has never been easier. As with previous benefits, this also shows a level of trust to your workforce that you know they’ll work hard for your company regardless of their location at the time.

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