Cyber Attacks: Why You Need to Boost Your Company’s IT Security Defense NOW

by Modis on January 15, 2015

When you’re running a company, it’s easy to put so much focus on day-to-day business operations that you sometimes overlook seemingly minor, yet critical, data security issues. In 2014, large-scale hacks and catastrophic data breaches wreaked havoc for numerous high-profile companies, sending a clear message: your sensitive company data is not as safe as you might think.

This drives home the importance of boosting IT security defense in 2015. Companies that aren’t taking proactive measures to beef up their security team and improve their defense, may find they’re the next victims of a cyber attack. Let’s take a quick look at some of the damage left in the wake of a few of 2014’s major security breaches:

IT data security strategiesHome Depot Security Snafu

September’s cyber attack on Home Depot stores delivered a double-whammy of punishment to the company and its customers, as hackers gained access and used malware to target more than 70,000 cash registers and 7,500 self-checkout terminals.

The digital bandits made off with 56 million stolen credit card accounts, along with 53 million customer email addresses. The snafu reportedly cost Home Depot $62 million.

P.F.Chang’s Hacked

Popular Chinese restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s uncovered a major security leak in June 2014 when the company learned that credit card terminals at 33 of its restaurants had been compromised over an eight-month period. Names and credit card numbers for tons of customers were stolen as a result. This triggered the company to temporarily switch to manual credit card imprint machines until switching over to a more secure system, but not before the situation dealt a hefty blow to customer trust.

Sony Pictures Takes a Big Hit

In possibly the biggest hack of the year to make the news, a group called Guardians of Peace infiltrated Sony Pictures and stole over 40 gigabytes of sensitive company data. This included everything from private employee information to details about the inner workings of the company. Sony’s Twitter accounts were also hacked by the same group. This infiltration forced Sony to shut down its entire online infrastructure and rebuild a stronger security system before resuming service—costing valuable time and resources in the process.

Meeting Exceptional Security Challenges white paper coverDoubling Up Your Company’s Security Measures

In the aftermath of these devastating breaches, it’s increasingly imperative for companies to go the extra mile to ensure their data—and that of their clients and customers—is safe. Because of this, specialized IT security personnel positions are becoming a hot commodity to bolster company data defenses.

Many forward-thinking companies are eager to add additional security administrators, systems security analysts, data security managers, and other key personnel to their IT forces to prevent these catastrophic breaches and keep their data under tighter lock and key. It’s no surprise that security jobs are among the fastest growing positions in the IT sector, with a forecasted 37 percent growth by 2022.

How secure is your company’s data? Why not start 2015 off on the right foot by expanding your security team to help keep hackers from running amok with your sensitive information? Download your free copy of our latest white paper “Meeting Exceptional Security Challenges” now.

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