The Cyber Security Challenge

by Modis on February 13, 2015

Meeting Exceptional Security Challenges white paper cover2014 was a year plagued by massive data breach after massive data breach. In the aftermath of these highly-publicized hacks, the importance of cyber security has come to the forefront of discussion for both the media and businesses alike. Experts are predicting that not only will the costs associated with these hacks continue to rise, the number of them will increase in 2015 and beyond.

As a result, businesses must address their current level of cyber security and often increase spending on enterprise security accordingly. Deploying a comprehensive strategy that’s regularly evaluated and updated is a proactive approach towards cyber and information security. Some best practices for combating the cyber security challenge include designating executive security leaders and employing certified security expert, but it doesn’t stop there.

Meeting Exceptional Security Challenges

In our latest white paper, “Meeting Exceptional Security Challenges,” we’re evaluating the damage caused by cyberattacks while offering security tips for to help your business maximize IT spend and developing the most effective hiring practices. Some of the topics covered in our white paper include:

  • High-Profile Hacks: A quick review of the most high-profile hacks illustrating the importance of cyber security.
  • The High Cost of Hacks: Cyber attacks cost American companies time and plenty of money.
  • Damages From Breaches: Damage from hacks can be widespread and have a significant impact on your bottom line.
  • Security Goes Mobile: As mobile and cloud-based services usage increases, new threats are arising.
  • How Businesses Cope with a Breach: A look at the data breach response plan deployed by a major company in the wake of a hack.
  • Action Steps All Companies Should Take: These eight critical data security best practices are crucial for a company to include in their information security strategy.
  • The Growing Need for IT Security Experts: Why it’s more important than ever for companies to hire IT staff with security expertise.
  • The Hiring Outlook: Several jobs and skill sets have increased in demand as businesses evolve their cyber security strategy.

Cyber attacks can damage your company’s network, productivity, reputation and bottom line. Get a head start on your cyber security strategy—download your free copy of our white paper, “Meeting Exceptional Security Challenges” today.

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