Why You Should Consider Hiring a Former Employee

by Modis on November 16, 2015


Without a doubt, businesses are in the middle of a competitive hiring climate. The search for qualified candidates is proving to be difficult for every employer—even businesses who are receiving hundreds (or even thousands) of resumes each day. The reason? When it comes to staffing open roles, Hiring Managers have a never-ending list of checkboxes. It may feel tough to find that “perfect” person. But here’s the thing: you may have already found that individual without realizing it.

Have you ever considered hiring a former employee? This resource is one that you might be overlooking in your search for fresh talent. Here’s why it pays to look through your roster of past employees:

You Already Have a Strong Rapport

On both sides of the table—candidate and employer—hiring is a big risk. When you bring on a new team member, there’s always a chance that relationships won’t work out or that there will be an unforeseen skills gap.

With past hires, however, these risks are minimal. For one, a re-hire likely knows and has worked with your team already. Based on this past performance, you can accurately gauge the potential for success in a new role.

Think about why top performers leave—they’re hungry to develop their leadership skills and explore new opportunities. When they left your company before, they were likely looking for their next greatest challenge.

Why not give them an opportunity to return, with an offer that they can’t refuse? You already know these individuals and they already know your business. Provided that you have a strong relationship and that the prior working relationship ended on good terms, the hiring decision will be a ‘win.’

Re-hires Introduce Fresh Perspectives

When re-hires come back to your company, they’re bringing much more than their past perspectives and contributions to the table—after spending time within your business, they’ve gone out into the world and acquired new skills. It’s the ultimate testament to the power of hindsight: how many people reading this blog post could say, ‘If only I knew what I know now, I would have done things differently?” The short answer is probably everyone.

Re-hires bring a unique lens to your business in that they’ve worked for you, moved on from you and built upon their experiences with new knowledge. It’s a perspective that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere, from any other candidate. Who else could say that they’ve spent six years with your company and then another six years applying what they’ve learned somewhere else?

This vantage point makes a re-hire the best possible candidate to bring on your team.

The Salary

Re-hires have an intricate understanding of your company’s inner-workings. Chances are, they’ve also been involved with recruiting and hiring within your organization—they have full insight into your pay rates and hiring practices.

In these situations, it pays to be transparent and approach re-hires with your best possible offer. Why lowball your best potential candidates? Not sure where to look? Our 2016 Salary Guide has the most up-to-date salary data for hundreds of IT positions broken out by market and company size.

The Benefits Package

Besides your salary offer, making sure you have an attractive benefits package is also crucial.  Our new survey offers insights from working-age Americans that will help you piece together the right compensation package.

We found that the desire for flexible hours was the single most appealing benefit cited by 50% of our recent survey respondents Unlimited vacation was the second most popular appealing benefit, with 21% of respondents’ votes. Other perks, including paid long-term maternity leave, on-site childcare services, unlimited on-site food, sabbaticals, and on-sight gym and fitness classes.

Make Exceptional Connections

No matter who you decide to hire, partnering with a staffing partner can make all the difference. With over 60 locations across the U.S., Modis has access to a large talent pool and can help you reconnect with past employees or meet new tech professionals you may not know about. Contact us today to start moving your tech workforce forward.

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