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by Modis on November 10, 2014

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Members of our U.S. military sacrifice a lot in their service to this country. The work they do both at home and abroad is crucial to our country’s safety and freedom. When our service men and women return from active duty, transitioning back into a normal, everyday civilian routine can be a real challenge. They need good jobs, stability and engaging ways to put their specialized skills to good use outside of the military.

Given their high level of tech training and information management experience, it should be no surprise that many military veterans are good fits for certain IT jobs.

Veteran Skills for IT

Military in ITComputers and technology are omnipresent throughout many U.S. military operations, and many military branches place a strong emphasis on tech training. From programmers and system operators to analysts and other specialists, there are many IT roles in which veterans have experience. In fact, more than 90 percent of U.S. active duty military personnel use computers on a regular basis in the office and the field, and 40 percent of U.S. military personnel have duty assignments that involve a high level of information resource management. Of course, their tech-centric nature isn’t the only perk of hiring a veteran.

Strong work ethic, tremendous discipline and laser focus are all excellent qualities you’ll find in veterans. As highly trained individuals, they’re used to working hard, pushing through obstacles and following through to get the job done. Many who’ve worked their way up the ranks also show natural leadership abilities and a strong team player attitude, which can be invaluable in IT departments.

100,000 Jobs Mission

The 100,000 Jobs Mission is a coalition of companies—including Modis—that have banded together in an ongoing campaign to create jobs for veterans. The organization serves as a center for both veterans seeking jobs, as well as employers looking to hire members of our armed forces. With tips for hiring practices and employer resources, it’s an invaluable resource for organizations of all sizes.

The Military and Modis

At Modis, we’re proud to support our troops and returning veterans.

If your company is seeking fresh candidates to fill IT positions, and you think veterans may be the right fit, contact us today.

If you’re a veteran with an IT background looking for a new gig, check out the broad range of positions we have available that might be perfectly suited to your skills and interests!

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