Connect with Exceptional Talent: Hire Recent Tech Grad Students

by Modis on September 21, 2015

tech graduatesAre you struggling to find great tech talent? Maybe you need to change the parameters of your search. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT and tech job growth is on the rise and will continue to become stronger in the next several years. With information moving to the cloud and organizations becoming increasingly concerned with cyber-security, you need to find professionals who you can attract and retain over the long-haul, particularly for high-demand job functions such as the following:

  • Information Security Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Project Managers

You need to get creative with your approach to sourcing these candidates: experienced professionals may be happily employed or courting handfuls of job offers. Hire recent grad students, instead.

Why Hire a Recent Tech Graduate Student?

Recent graduate students are more experienced than college grads but new enough to their professions to bring fresh perspectives to the table. They require some training, but many of these individuals have years of work experience, often in other fields and industries to bring to the table.

Grad students are also an untapped labor force: many are still trying to figure out their careers and may not be aware of IT and tech as a viable option. A number of schools have relationships with firms in traditional industries like consulting, finance, and accounting, for instance. But what about tech? Leading companies are just getting started with their outreach initiatives, which means that you have a strong competitive advantage.

Connect with Top Tech Graduate Programs

Here are a few examples of programs and types of programs where you’ll want to focus your efforts:

    • Northwestern University’s M.S. program in predictive analytics. Available online and in-person, this program equips grads with a healthy balance of practical, technical, and analytical skills of the world of big data. Students in this program complete courses in database design, statistics, and programming. You can take a look at the full curriculum here.
    • C. Irvine’s M.A. program in demographic and social analysis. This social science program introduces students to statistics for the study of people and populations. Students learn basics in machine learning, quantitative analysis, database design, and geographic information systems (GIS). Along the way, they’ll complete courses in research methods and statistics. The course syllabus is available here.
    • USC’s M.S. degree in cybersecurity. This program teaches students the fundamentals of IT’s most precarious area—security. As you’re well-aware, this topic is crucial to the future of tech. It’s also one that’s under-studied, especially in a formal capacity. Students from USC’s program, however, acquire knowledge in secure operating systems, secure applications, secure networking, use of cryptography and key management. They understand how to develop a security policy and how policy drives technology decisions. Approaching security from a holistic perspective, these grads are just what your company needs for a future-proofed, high-performing IT strategy. You can see the curriculum and description for the program here.

TIP: Don’t just seek out grad students in engineering or technical programs. Social science and business programs, for instance, offer strong foundations in data science, machine learning, and research designs. Programming languages are learnable, and your new, talented hires will learn on the job.

Make Your Strongest OfferModis Salary Guide 2016

When hiring top tech grad students, you have to make sure to come to the table with your strongest offer. Not sure what that offer should be? That’s ok! The Modis 2016 Salary Guide can help point you in the right direction in terms of salaries you should be offering, market rates, job projections, and overall compensation. This will ensure you are hiring and retaining top talent. Request your free copy today!

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