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by Modis on May 13, 2015

ACCELERATING YOU AND YOUR TEAM’S GROWTHThe competition to hire the best tech talent is fiercer than ever. IT unemployment rates are lower than they’ve been in years, and companies are struggling to fill key roles. According to a Social Talent infographic, 69 percent of executives think that there is a talent shortage.

Companies now need to provide higher salaries and have stronger reputations to stand out to top IT talent. We have found that for every one job seeker, 2-3 employers are attempting to hire that person. So what can a company do to make themselves stand out from the others? Here are five tips to guide you in securing the best tech talent for your company:

Venture into the community

When it comes to relationship building, nothing beats the power of an in-person relationship. It’s crucial that your company ventures out into the community and network through conferences, meet ups and industry events — to reach prospective hires. With so many companies competing for the same candidates, it’s vital for your team to be front-and-center.

Provide development and mentoring opportunities

Employee retention will be the key to your company’s success. In addition to sourcing new team members, you’ll want to ensure that your top performers stay on board.

To keep those star team members, you’ll want to provide opportunities to advance their careers. That’s why your company should always make sure that training programs and growth opportunities remain top of mind. Invest in your people, and they’ll stick around.

Build your reputation or brand

If one of your best characteristics is the incredible culture your company offers, it’s critical that you take steps to get acknowledged for that. Adecco, for instance, was just recognized by Forbes as one of the best companies to work for. Rich Thompson, Chief Human Resources Officer of Adecco Group North America, spoke about company culture and explained, “Here at Adecco, we put a strong emphasis on culture. It’s very important to mold the company with what your employees want and need. Listening to the feedback from your colleagues can help your business become a place your employees love to work.”

This type of recognition is important for any company in any industry. Having a reputable brand is essential when searching for top tech talent. The approach for a company to be put on a list like Forbes is simple—be awesome and authentic in creating a place where people love to work. As you continue to build a great company with great people, publicity and top talent will follow.

Showcase your culture through social media

Now more than ever, candidates are using social media to learn about companies. This trend gives your team an excuse to share photos of your awesome workspace, company events and people on social media. This allows your company culture to really shine.

Encourage employees to snap photos and share on their own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Good people know other good people—and social media will provide transparency into your workspace as a great place for top performances to build their careers. Having a reputable brand is imperative when searching for top tech talent.

Cultivate long-term relationships

Top candidates aren’t necessarily looking for new opportunities. Instead of trying to fill immediate roles, focus on building relationships for the long haul. When candidates trust you, they’ll not only notice you—they’ll keep your company close to heart when they’re ready to make a big move. Get noticed by being a confidant, supporter and friend.

Finding that top tech talent

At any time, top talent will have a world of opportunity in front of them. Rich Thompson points out, “If you can find a job where happiness lives, then there’s a direct link to retention.” The greatest way to reach the top talent is to put your best foot forward. First impressions count, so make sure that your employer brand exudes inspiration, emotion and trust.

We can help you find the talent you deserve

With 70 branches located across the United States, Modis is positioned perfectly to connect your company with the top talent you’ve been searching for. As your workforce partner, we can help solve your staffing challenges efficiently. Contact us today to find out how we can help move your business forward!

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