Infographic: Why Startups Are Going to Change the World

by Modis on August 5, 2014

Startups are more than just swanky office spaces and outrageous perks. From recruiting tactics to global economic impact, startups are influencing the world in numerous ways. As startups continue to prosper, the credibility of their business practices only grows. Understanding the shift in business practices inspired by the best startups and what those changes mean for businesses of all sizes is vital to success in this day and age within the tech sector.

Our latest infographic, “Why Startups Are Going to Change the World”, discusses the following details about the dynamic effect of startups globally:

  • What a startup is
  • How startups are recruiting
  • 6 startup case studies
  • The economic impact of startups
  • How startups are changing the workplace

Infographic: Why Startups Are Going to Change the World

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It’s important to pay attention to trends within the industry. Taking note of and leveraging their strategies as a blueprint can be a critical step for the future of your business. Our “What Startups Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement” white paper discusses the forward-thinking, innovative structure of startups and their strategic HR decisions that inspire and engage employees. Some of the topics include:

  • Creating Winning Culture
  • Cultural Accountability
  • Being a Place Where People Want to Work
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Innovative Recruiting
  • Employee Recognition

Cultural Shifts for Employee Engagement

It’s no accident that tech startups attract some of the most creative, forward-thinking employees. Integrating startup methods and practices is a realistic, attainable way to make cultural shifts and retain and engage top IT talent. Our white paper provides a scalable action plan that can easily be applied to companies of any size. Download your free copy here.

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