Critical Connections: Insourcing versus Outsourcing Roundtable

by Modis on May 13, 2014

Our roundtable video discusses the benefits of insourcing vs. outsourcing in IT staffing.

At Modis, we are committed to keeping you connected to the latest trends and issues impacting the IT industry. That’s why our experts recently hosted a virtual roundtable to discuss our latest white paper, “Moving Away From Outsourcing: IT Department Trends.” During our discussion, we highlighted the key points of the white paper, including the pros and cons of outsourcing, IT outsourcing trends, and the benefits of insourcing vs. outsourcing:

Why outsource?

One of the big questions our experts tackled is why companies turn to outsourcing in the first place. The reason is because of the perceived advantages of outsourcing – the ability to scale workforces to accommodate needs and more cost-competitive and predictable IT spending being the two biggest advantage.

Another element of IT outsourcing that has attracted many companies is the fact that outsourcing firms are continually adding new services to address in-demand IT jobs and functions such as infrastructure solutions, business process outsourcing and software development; companies found it easier to build these functions through outsourcing rather than build teams in house.

What are the disadvantages of outsourcing?

The latest IT outsourcing trends and statistics indicate that many companies are turning away from outsourcing, as the disadvantages of outsourcing are starting to outweigh the benefits. The disadvantages that many of our clients cite include:

  • Lack of adherence to project deadlines
  • Hidden and growing costs
  • Loss of control over service delivery
  • Lack of service quality and expertise
  • Risks associated with data security and disaster recovery

Is insourcing a better alternative?

The advantages of insourcing vs. outsourcing are numerous. However, in order to optimize an insourcing solution, you need to maximize your flexibility, ensure competitive pricing and achieve the right balance between contractors and employees.

Check out our video to learn how to implement a winning insourcing strategy and to explore other critical topics, including:

  • The IT department trends that are shaping the industry
  • Hiring projections for the year ahead
  • The hottest and hardest-to-fill roles in IT
  • And more!

What positions are being outsourced?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that employment in core IT occupations may grow as much as 20 percent in the next six years. It identified these core skills as likely to grow the most:

  • Software developers
  • Database administrators
  • Network and systems administrators
  • Systems analysts
  • Information security analysts
  • Web developers
  • Network architects

Targeting these in-demand positions can present a challenge to any organization, and we’re here to help you make exceptional connections with top talent. For more insights on Outsourcing, download our white paper.

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