Interview Questions that Help Determine a Cultural Fit

by Modis on November 14, 2014

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On paper, potential IT hires might have the right qualifications, an impressive work history and an enticing list of relevant tech skills, but you never know for sure until you sit down and talk with them face-to-face. Will they be a good fit for your company culture? Will they acclimate and thrive or cause unwanted friction and drain energy? A bad hire can throw a huge wrench in the positive workflow in your office, which is why it’s crucial to get a real sense of each candidate during the interview phase.

Interview Questions for Cultural FitBefore you can ask the right questions and assess whether a candidate is a good cultural fit, it’s important to have a firm understanding of your current company culture. The best way to do this is to simply take some time and observe your employees and their work environment.

Pay close attention to how your employees interact with one another, how they dress and decorate their workspaces, and their everyday work habits. What emotions do they show, and what’s the overall atmosphere in the office?

Taking note of these things can give you a good sense of whether a new hire will fit in. However, you should also take note of qualities and elements that are absent in your work culture. This can help identify a void you might want to fill or alternately pinpoint qualities that you don’t want to introduce to the office.

Once you have a good feel for your company’s culture, you’ll be better prepared to analyze candidates’ responses during in-person job interviews. Here are some useful questions to ask candidates to help you determine whether they are a good fit for your IT team and entire organization.

10 Interview Questions to Ask to Determine a Cultural Fit

1) What aspect of working in IT do you find most fulfilling?

2) Describe your ideal workday. What does that look like, and what experiences would make you feel good about your day?

3) What would your ideal work environment look like, and what’s your preferred work pace?

4) On a team project, what is your most comfortable and productive role?

5) In previous jobs, how would you describe your interactions with co-workers?

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6) What did you like the most about your previous job, and what did you find the most challenging about it?

7) What personality traits do you have that you feel add to your skills in a position like this?

8) What qualities do you most appreciate in an employer?

9) What motivates you to meet your goals and succeed in a given task or project?

10) How would you approach and/or make a suggestion to a co-worker when you think they could do something better?

Solve the Cultural Puzzle

Each team is like a puzzle, and the answers to these questions will at least help you and your colleagues gauge if a new candidate will be the right piece. This isn’t an exact science, but if you do your due diligence, you will undoubtedly increase your chances of hiring the right candidate—based on both skill set and cultural fit. As leaders in IT staffing, we can help you make the connections with candidates that fit your culture’s puzzle. Find out more here.

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