Interview Tips: Find the Right Fit for Your Company More Efficiently

by Modis on October 4, 2015

interview tips

There’s a surprising trend in recruiting: interview processes are getting brushed off to the side, meetings are missed and hiring managers are finding themselves overwhelmed with too many resumes to review. There are hours of candidate phone calls and you find yourself thinking, “there has to be a better way.”

Sure enough, there is. There are several ‘efficiency hacks’ that can overhaul your entire interview process, so you can spend more time on the most important parts of recruiting: building candidate relationships. Here are some interview tips to help you tackle your biggest efficiency pain points.

1:1 Video Interviews

Can’t catch a free day with the entire team? Schedule one-on-one video interviews instead. Scheduling is one of the most tedious and overwhelming time sinks in the interview process. Now, imagine that you’re conducting three in-person interviews rather than just one. How do you find a day when your team can take time off for interviews? Customers don’t wait and neither do product development deadlines. When you try to cram in an ‘interview day,’ everything becomes stressful.

Instead of relying on in-person interviews so much, consider video chat. You still get face-to-face time with candidates, minus the pressure of scheduling in a day that works for all parties involved.

Keep in mind that some candidates may be camera shy or feel uncomfortable meeting on video. Don’t assume that this hesitation is a red flag: instead, provide guidance that helps makes the process easier. One caveat: if your interviewee comes on video underprepared, it may be a sign of disorganization—the candidate will have had plenty of time to get organized.

Skills Test

Want to confirm your candidates’ skills, minus the back and forth? Ask him or her to complete a skills test. It’s true that many of your top performers will learn the tech skills they need on the job, but some resume bullets are non-negotiable. Your Senior Developer, hired to provide mentorship and guidance, needs to be proficient in the programming languages that your team is using every day.

Before inviting candidates to an on-site interview, why not administer a skills test or host a skills based interview? This ‘pre-step’ to an in-person meet and greet will help ensure that you’re only meeting with candidates who will transition well into your team.

This step will be critical in identifying red flags for your interviewee. If a candidate can’t write basic code, then he or she may be exaggerating on skills and core competencies. By weeding out individuals who can’t do the job, you’ll achieve higher efficiency in your interview process.

The skills test will not happen in person, but rather over the web. So, be mindful of your “tone”when communicating with the potential employee. Whether you’re texting, messaging, emailing or chatting on social media, don’t forget that electronic communication loses important nuances like tone of voice, facial expression and other human elements. It’s very easy for folks on the other end to take things the wrong way when they’re just reading your words on a screen.

Plan Ahead

The goal of your candidate selection process is to understand whether the candidate in question will be a strong fit. Each interviewer will play an important role in helping your team make the right decisions. To save time throughout the process, make sure that your efforts are synced. Come up with your interview questions as a team, in advance, and use your diverse perspectives to come up with a full candidate picture.

This approach will also help you identify red flags among your interviewees. If team members recognize common areas of concern, you’re probably on to something. With synchronization of efforts, you’ll be better positioned to surface any red flags.

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Stay tuned for the second blog post in this series, which gives the best types of interview questions to ask during different stages of the interview process

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