“Lex Luthor” – What a good hire would look like

by Modis on September 4, 2013

As the sequel to last week’s blog post, “Batfleck” – What you should know about making bad hires, we decided to bounce back with something positive – the good hire. We all know them. They are the office rockstars. They make any daunting task look effortless and easy. Most importantly, they’re usually pretty likable people, too. Great hires are the best, and with an office full of them, its no doubt that your business will be prosperous.

Today we’re going to show you what a good hire would look like with some help and examples – once again – from the entertainment industry. 

The Good Hire: Lex Luthor

Now that we got the bad hire out of the way, let’s take a look at a perfect example of what would be a great hire. It was recently rumored (by multiple sources) that DC & Warner Bros. choice for the future Lex Luthor was Bryan Cranston. Now, initially upon hearing this rumor, our office was excited. Yes! This is one of those casting decisions that could potentially drive people to the box office in huge numbers. Despite the rumors proving false, we still think that it’d be advantageous of Cranston & Warner Brothers to truly consider this casting.

We know Mr. Cranston would not disappoint. His evil-doer experience as Walter White in Breaking Bad has given him enough of an edge – and credibility – to make him a shoo-in for the part of Lex Luthor in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. He’s the type of hire that comes with all the right qualifications and skills; he’s the top-tier talent that is worth holding onto – which is exactly why he was originally rumored to have signed on for a multi-film deal.

And as a bonus, Breaking Bad even predicted it.
You Look Like Lex Luthor - Breaking Bad

It’s important to make the effort to solidify a relationship with the perfect candidate once you find them. The most important aspect – the reason for this potential hire to select your company over other companies out there – is more than likely salary.

Do you think Warner Brothers would have offered Cranston (or any other solid actor seeking the role) a small salary for the role of Lex Luthor? Doubtful. Although you’re obviously not offering your next web developer a contract for millions of dollars, be mindful about offering them the fair compensation for their services. Trust us when we say top talent is worth every penny.

So… What happens to our heroes?

Ryan Holmes mentions something in his bad hires article that is a key point in this entire Batfleck situation:

“One subpar employee can throw an entire department into disarray.”

Even when you have a team full of excellent hires, it only takes one bad hire to potentially bring everything to a stand still. Productivity and team morale can come to a crashing halt.

Will Cranston’s perfect portrayal of Lex Luthor be overshadowed by Affleck’s awkwardness and less-than-super depiction of our dark vigilante, Batman? It seems as though we’ll find out in 2015. Already though, this casting seems to be rocking the boat at the Warner Brothers studios.

Would you want to risk rocking the boat at your business? We didn’t think so, either. Learn first-hand from our caped crusader. Just say no to bad hires!

Editor’s Note:

We hope everyone enjoyed this parodied piece about good hires and bad hires. The public opinions on “Batfleck” and Lex Luthor are strong, and we encourage our readers to continue the conversation with us. Comment here or tweet to @modis & use the hashtag “#NowHiringBatman” with which actor you think would be most qualified to wear the Batsuit and why. You’re welcome to check out our Pinterest Board with funny memes & articles surrounding the “Batfleck” decision, too!

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