7 Reasons Why Millennials Rock as Quantitative Analysts

by Modis on August 6, 2013

Millennial Myths Workplace

When it comes to the job market, millennials have a bad rap with a laundry list of stereotypes. They’re arrogant. They’re intolerant of the corporate ladder. They’re impatient, perpetually unable to focus, and want promotions to happen yesterday. They have unrealistic expectations about how they’ll change the world. They’re egotistical and difficult; they come in late to work with iced coffee every day, and they lack corporate etiquette.

Millennials may be hard to handle and are a tough crowd to please, but keep in mind that every generation has had its own workforce stereotypes. Nobody’s innocent here. If you dwell on Gen Y’s stereotypes, you’ll miss out on their potential. In fact, your data science team needs millennials to do more than push paper. They could be some of the most valuable leaders your business will see, and here’s why… 

1. Millennials bring new perspective to the workforce

Millennials are the newest group to the workforce. Fresh out of school, they’re hungry to apply their creativity to solve real world problems. They’re energized, excited, and constantly asking why in addition to what and how. Millennials are a breath of fresh air. What they make lack in experience, they make up for in energy. Your team will love it, especially if you’re a group of experienced and accomplished leaders.

2. Millennials are goal-hunters

The problem with data science is that it’s easy to get trapped in perpetual analysis mode. Your team could spend hours crafting the perfect theoretical model – the problem is, when you spend time being a perfectionist, you lose time in moving your company forward. Millennials are constantly prioritizing and reassessing goals thanks to the education model in which they grew up. Grades, college admissions, sports and clubs were their lifeblood. They’re now trained to actively pursue accomplishment. With a relentless desire to constantly move forward, they’ll keep your team on track to succeed.

3. Millennials are collaborative

Communication challenges are natural to almost every organization. Never fear – rely on your Gen Y extraordinaire to get your engineers, analysts, and data scientists talking more openly and effectively. Millennials are natural connectors and love bringing teams together. Remember that this is a group that grew up with social media and peer connections at their fingertips. They rely on their extended social circles to learn, receive substantive advice and grow. Thanks in part to social media, they love sharing stories about their lives and aren’t afraid to open up.

4. Millennials are relentlessly optimistic

Numbers down? Systems failing? Leave it to your resident millennials to energize your team. No matter what, they’ll see the silver-lining to any chaotic situation. Keep in mind that this generation has been through incredibly tough economic struggles from student loan bubbles to housing market collapses. And yet, they’re living life to the fullest. Rest assured that this attitude will underscore their work, too.

5. Millennials love technology

You may have been taken aback when your millennial candidate jumped to her smartphone mid-interview. The thing is, she was taking notes so that she could carefully document your every word. Especially for quantitative analysts, new technologies are emerging at a million miles per hour. While you or your colleagues may be struggling to adapt, your millennials won’t be phased.

6. Millennials want a work-life blend

No matter your generation, corporate politics are never fun. Millennials want none of it, and they’ll make this perspective very clear. They’re willing to admit their mistakes along with coming to work in flip-flops like it’s nobody’s business. They’ll remind you that your coworkers are amazing people. They’ll inspire you to bring your whole self to work. They’ll completely reinvent your office culture into a positive, community-focused and warm environment.

Take a look at Facebook, one of the world’s largest millennial-run companies. This social media giant is consistently ranked one of the best companies for which to work based on its laid-back culture and office perks with plenty of food, fun and games. Facebook reinforces a continued commitment to technology culture, which its employees embrace as a personal value.

7. Millennials have a fierce desire to learn

They’re hungry to improve their skill sets so that they can continuously add value. This personal motivation will be invaluable to your data science team. They’re constantly reading books, taking classes, networking with peers and figuring out new ways to grow.

‘Rockstar’ doesn’t even begin to describe the energy and value that your millennial teammates can bring. Embrace it, and your business will be its healthiest yet.

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Modis August 26, 2013 at 10:35 am

Great thoughts! We agree with you. It’s important to teach future generations the way so knowledge is not lost.

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