Meet the Newest Addition to the Modis Family: Norway!

by Modis on February 12, 2016

NorwayThe entire Modis team is ecstatic to announce the news of our latest international expansion into Norway! Norway is considered the 5th largest country in Europe spanning over 148,000 square miles. The Scandinavian country is known for its beautiful countryside filled with mountains, coastal fjords and glaciers. With a population of 5.08 million people, it is bordered by Norway, Finland and Russia. The North Sea, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea surround the country and provide plentiful grounds for the fishing industry.

Here’s a look at a few of the things that we think make Norway great, and we look forward to the opportunity to help make it even greater!

Winter Sports

Many outdoor sports like fishing and hiking are big pastimes in Norway, but when it comes to a hobby of choice, nothing compares to skiing. Norway is the birthplace of modern skiing, and the word “ski” is Norwegian for “piece of wood.” There are 20+ ski resorts throughout the country, with perhaps the most notable ones being located in Lilliehammer, Norway, where the 1994 Olympic Games were held. For for most Americans, the 1994 Olympics are notoriously defined by the Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan scandal. However, the Norwegians no doubt remember the way that their country’s athletes proudly took advantage of the host nation advantage, winning 26 medals.

Invention of the Cheese Slicer

The best thing since sliced bread has to be sliced cheese, and the world has Norway to thank for that! Thor Bjørklund was a master carpenter who began to experiment with the carpenter’s plane with the hopes that he could invent a similar tool for use in the kitchen. In 1925, Thor developed the cheese slicer, and the whole world has been indebted to him ever since.


Leader in Green Energy and Conservation

Norway has taken great strides to become a global leader in green energy. They adopted a carbon tax in 1991, making them one of the earliest countries to attempt to slow global warming. Since 2009, 98-99% of the country’s electricity has come from hydroelectric plants. In 2008, Norway donated $1 Billion to help preserve the Amazon rainforest.

National Symbol

Norway’s national symbol on their coat of arms is a lion, which is something that all of us here at Modis can really rally behind!

Modis Lions

Fast Facts

  • Fishing & Oil are Norway’s biggest industries.
  • Seafood & Meatballs are two of the country’s finest delicacies.
  • Public universities in Norway are free for students from anywhere in the world.
  • In 2015, Norway was ranked the world’s #1 country by the Prosperity Index

Learn More About Our Services

As we expand into Norway, we look forward to moving the IT industry and your business forward! Learn more about the unique services that Modis Norway will offer!

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