Our 2012 Salary Guide simplifies your salary negotiations.

by Tori Johnson on January 18, 2012

When it comes to building a great IT team or pursuing an IT career, the issue of salary is sure to come up. Employers want to offer a competitive wage in order to attract top talent and keep their high-performing employees performing at their peak. At the same time, professionals want to make sure they are earning a fair salary that aligns with their credentials, their workload and their job market.

That’s why we’ve developed our 2012 Salary Guide. It is a roadmap for simpler, more effective salary discussions and a guide to understanding the market and its hot skills. And it’s available now.

Modis acquired the 2012 Salary Guide data in partnership with Kenexa Corporation, which continuously conducts nationwide salary surveys throughout several industries. Additionally, each Modis office in our nation-wide branch network has reviewed the data against their own internal data, as well as that of local clients and IT professionals in their market.

Our Salary Guide features tons of information on the latest validated salary numbers, broken down by metro market and specific job descriptions for even greater accuracy. It breaks down critical salary data by company size, giving specific national multipliers for 48 different major metro markets to determine actual figures, not predictions. The Salary Guide is an invaluable resource for IT companies as well as IT professionals, used for budget planning, performance reviews, retention studies and competitive analysis. In short, it is the most comprehensive collection of salary data for the IT industry – and it’s completely free.

Request your copy today by clicking here.

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