How Our Project Management Recruiters Helped a Fortune 500

by Modis on March 17, 2014

Project Manager recruiters helping Fortune 500 client


Our client is one of the largest pharmacy benefit management (PBM) organizations in North America. They offer numerous PBM services that include pharmacy home delivery, claims processing, and data analysis services to help health insurance providers manage prescription plans. They directly manage prescriptions benefits for tens of millions of Americans.


Three years ago, the client was utilizing a vendor management system (VMS) to fill all of their IT staffing needs. Their senior IT managers routinely faced a number of challenges with the VMS. It took too long to find quality resources, and the ones that they did find had not been properly screened and vetted.  They were on the verge of acquiring another company and were anticipating major ramp-ups associated with that merger.


In 2011, a senior IT manager from the client reached out to Modis. At the time we only had one Project Manager on assignment with them. Their hiring manager complained about the VMS, noting that it frequently took six weeks to bring in a resource because of delays with screening candidates and receiving work orders. Our team was patient, and invested a great deal of time learning about these pain points and demonstrating to the client that we were interested in being a long-term partner, and not just a body shop offering a quick fix.

Soon after, when the client completed the acquisition of the other company, they had an immediate need for more than 100 Project Managers.


Our account manager and their hiring manager realized that they would need to develop a new solution that worked outside of the VMS to be able to efficiently meet the growing demand for IT candidates. Modis recruiters began setting up our branded “Block Interviews” for the client. In a Block Interview, our recruiting team pre-selects three top candidates for a position after reviewing a client’s specific need. From there, Modis schedules one day for three, one-hour, back-to-back interviews between the candidates and client. Immediately following the final interview, we schedule a selection meeting between the client and the Modis delivery team.  The back-to-back style of interviewing is an opportunity to conduct only essential interviews in a short period of time, allowing the client to compare the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses immediately. This process significantly reduces the hiring process

This method proved to be extremely successful for our client and more than 90% of the candidates that Modis proposed were hired. The hiring manager was so pleased by the quality of candidates and the efficiency of our processes that he quickly allowed Modis to move to our “Go to Work” model because of need and the client’s confidence in our ability to efficiently find highly qualified resources. A Go to Work model is an exclusive requirement in which the hiring manager trusts Modis to deliver a consultant on a specific date without interviewing the candidate themselves. By that point, our account manager was essentially acting as the hiring manager for the client and Modis recruiters treated him as such, sending him candidates in blocks before he made the final decisions on who would start.


Since 2012, Modis has placed more than 150 project managers, project coordinators, and business analysts with the client. Several of those project managers have been promoted to program directors in different areas of the company and have brought Modis with them, allowing us to manage new projects with our Go to Work model throughout the organization. Since then, we have managed projects across several program teams, and have expanded our services to the rest of the client’s locations across the country.

Modis’ Project Management recruiters can help you, too!

Modis has a pipeline of talented project management professionals that are ready and waiting to work for a company like yours. Project Managers are vital assets to your IT department, as they help increase agility and efficiency. As you may know, the importance of PMs lies in their ability to see and manage “big picture” projects and objectives.

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