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by Modis on September 14, 2015

Modis Salary Guide 2016

Finding the top tech talent you need is more important than ever! IT has become the cornerstone of almost every successful business. The proliferation of big data means that companies are under pressure to harness insights into strategic capabilities. This demand is creating a supply crunch: top IT professionals are tough to find and your company needs to come to the table with a clear and compelling value proposition.

The Modis 2016 Salary Guide will help you maintain your competitive edge in sourcing, attracting and retaining the best professionals the tech world has to offer.

2016 Salary Guide Features:

Intelligent and Accurate Salary Figures:

Stop taking guesses on what to offer your candidates. Maintain your best market positioning with up-to-date, real-world numbers.

Beyond Base Salaries:

See where you fit into the market. Our guide breaks down salary data by company size (small, medium, and large), base salary (low, high, and average), and total cash compensation (low, high, and average).

Market-Specific Salaries:

Create accurate forecasts for your company. Our report accounts for variance between major metro markets throughout the United States.

Industry Insights:

Get a bird’s eye view of the tech landscape. We know the ins and outs of the IT workforce and can help you refine your own projections. Our report will tell you what changes to expect in the near future and what you can do to succeed in this dynamic environment.

Four in Focus: The Most In-Demand IT Positions

Here is a look at the four positions we expect to see the most growth in 2016:

Information Security Analyst:

Why are they in Demand? With the increase in the number of cyber attacks on businesses and their customers, the need for top security talent is growing.

What do they do? These individuals instruct network users on security policies and procedures while monitoring network activity. Most develop and rely upon established guidelines.

Software Developer:

Why are they in Demand? The rise of mobile technology and wearable tech has created an incredible demand for application and systems Software Developers.

What do they do? These individuals create, maintain, and implement software packages. Junior developers are typically responsible for basic tasks, while senior developers are responsible for maintaining systems.

Systems Analyst:

Why are they in Demand? As businesses continue migrating their systems to the cloud, Systems Analyst professionals will remain in-demand now and in years to come.

What do they do? These professionals add value to multiple parts of an organization and vary in their levels of technical expertise. While some systems analysts are responsible for business tasks, others concentrate on IT and even financial systems.

IT Project Manager:

Why are they in Demand? The tech sector is constantly evolving and new technology emerges every day. IT Project Managers are in-demand because they work efficiently to keep all of these innovative projects on track.

What do they do? Often known as ‘PMs’ these individuals are responsible for moving organizational initiatives forward and ensuring that projects remain on track.

Request Your Free Guide Today!

Loaded with in-depth industry data and specific IT insights, the Salary Guide will give you the information you need to find top tech talent. Move your business forward by requesting your 2016 Salary Guide, today!

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