How a Staffing Company Can Save You Time and Money

by Modis on September 28, 2015

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Finding the top IT talent to fill your prime positions can be difficult business, given the current staffing market. Highly qualified candidates are hard to find, which increases competition among companies seeking to score the best hires to strengthen their team. The overall average unemployment rate nation-wide is only 5.1%, with the average unemployment rate for IT clocking in at an even lower 3.0%. A high demand for tech-savvy workers, particularly in the growing healthcare sector, means there are less prospective hires to go around.

In today’s candidate driven job market, speed is crucial when it comes to hiring IT professionals. The longer the hiring process drags on, the more time, money and resources it drains and the more likely you are to miss out on top talent. Top candidates are often getting interviews and offers from multiple companies at a time, which lets them cherry pick the jobs they want the most. As such, employers need to become laser focused to identify and lock down the top tech talent as fast and efficiently as possible. Rather than risk having prospective dream team candidates slip through the cracks, you can benefit from hiring a staffing company to streamline the process.

How Staffing Companies Can Help

Time consuming tasks like crafting the perfect job description, pouring over hundreds of resumes, and braving a gauntlet of interviews can be an exhausting affair for hiring managers to tackle. Hiring amazing team members is worth the extra effort, obviously, but delegating the most arduous aspects of the process to a dedicated, experienced team of outside specialists can be a huge time and energy saver for busy companies.

On average, the drawn out hiring process for IT roles through traditional internal company HR can span eight to ten weeks, and the time it takes to hire for tech roles continues to increase. That “time to fill” gap is pretty massive, when you consider the overall costs involved and the potential to lose prime candidates to competing companies. This window can be reduced to a timespan of two to six weeks with an average outside agency. But what about trimming that time down even further? For budget conscious businesses, it’s just a matter of tapping into the right recruiting resource.

Cutting Down on Time-to-Fill

At Modis, we’ve narrowed the critical time-to-fill window down to under a week, while also ensuring the candidates we bring to the table for our clients are high-quality. Our specific approach focuses on connecting companies with the top candidates in a way that streamlines the hiring process, reduces the hassle for clients and significantly cuts down on the costs involved.

We offer scalable levels of different commitment tiers for our clients, which lets us customize to suit the hiring needs for a broad range of companies and business sizes. Our internal screening processes help streamline the flow of finding and hiring the best tech candidates before they’re scooped up by competing businesses.

By securing a high-level of client commitment, the hiring process becomes faster and easier. More importantly, your business can start saving money. There are three ways you can get top talent fast when working with Modis:

1) We select the top three candidates from our pool of specialized prospects and work with clients to schedule pre-set interview times to personally screen our picks.

2) Within five to seven business days, our clients interview the top three candidates for the position, each of whom is pre-closed and ready to begin work immediately.

3) After an in-depth requirements gathering session, Modis forwards our top pick out of the prime candidates to the client and the position is filled!

We’re dedicated to saving you time and money, while handling the busy work of hiring the perfect fit to fill your most critical IT positions.

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