The Myths & Realities of Managing Millennials in the Workforce

by Modis on July 9, 2013

Make your Millennial Connections Exceptional

If you are a business leader, here are some facts you should know:

The facts speak for themselves. Millennials, otherwise known as Gen-Y, Boomerangers, Generation Next and the Net Generation, are becoming a big part of the workforce today, and their presence is only going to expand in the years ahead. That makes it so important for companies to understand how to effectively recruit, manage and retain this unique population.

The myths that follow Millennials

Unfortunately, while the facts are clear, there are some persistent myths that make managing millennials a bit more murky. And you’re probably familiar with some of them.

For example, many older workers perceive Millennials as being self-serving, self-absorbed brats. Don’t believe us? Check out this article in Time magazine which basically called Millennials the most narcissistic generation in history. It must be true! It’s in Time magazine!

In reality, studies have shown that younger people have always been more narcissistic than their older counterparts. Even grandma thought about herself a little bit when she was younger. The National Institute of Health found that narcissism is actually inversely related to age, and it’s a product of youth, not a generational shift.

As a matter of fact, Millennials are actually the most socially-conscious members of the workforce. Eighty-four percent of millennials are looking to make a positive difference in the world, and they want to feel like they are contributing not only to profits and their own paychecks, but to causes near and dear to their hearts.

That sounds like an opportunity for businesses, not a challenge. That’s because a commitment to corporate social responsibility, which Millennials can encourage and drive, can help your company become more attractive to candidates, customers and potential business partners alike.

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Editor’s Note: Modis is blogging to bust millennial myths, too!

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