Top Cities for Tech and Engineering Jobs

by Modis on May 26, 2017

top cities for tech and engineering jobsThe unemployment rate continues to gradually decrease across the nation bringing us to a 4.9 percent jobless rate. Many cities throughout the United States are showing significant job growth. The IT and engineering industries have also seen persistent growth in the job market for engineer and tech professionals. The big question is, where are the hotspots? We surveyed IT and engineering professionals to find out where the job markets are thriving the most across the nation. Find out what cities they ranked the highest.

Top Cities for Tech Jobs

Chicago, Illinois

The third-largest city in the United States, Chicago ranked number one in top cities for tech jobs. Throughout the years, the city has remained a hub for many industries, including tech. IT professionals consider the Windy City the next emerging tech hub in the nation. Chi-town offers much to its residents not just for a successful career, but for life outside the office as well. From Millennium Park to the Navy Pier finding something to do after work hours won’t be difficult in this thriving city.

Houston, Texas

Houston closely followed in rankings according to IT professionals. As the fourth-largest city in the nation, Houston continues to prosper. The job market for tech professionals is promising as the city’s economy booms. Beyond the office walls, grab a bite to eat at one of the 11,000 restaurants throughout the city, or explore one of the 20 museums to choose from.

Boston, Massachusetts

Although the city is rooted in history, Boston has continued to evolve throughout the years. The tech industry has seen steady growth as the city advances. According to our survey, IT professionals see Boston as a hotspot for tech jobs. Work-life balance in Boston isn’t hard to achieve, from the Red Sox to national historical sites Boston offers a variety of fun outside the office.

Top Cities for Engineering Jobs

future hotspots for engineering jobs

Houston, Texas

Where are all the engineering jobs? Keep your eyes on Houston, as both the city and the engineering industry continues to expand. Throughout the years, Houston has been a hub for major industries, including energy, aerospace and defense, and bioscience. The expansive city of Houston has much more to offer to professionals than a career, providing a prime spot for the growing engineering industry. IT and engineering professionals alike see the future potential here!

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is among the top three U.S. cities for job growth, according to the latest job market data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Following closely behind New York City, Dallas added 113,500 jobs to the job market. With the continual growth of the Dallas job market, there is no surprise that engineering professionals see the city’s potential to develop into a top city for engineering jobs.

Denver, Colorado

Named number one best places for business and careers by Forbes, Denver’s economy is booming. Engineering is among the major industries growing throughout the city. With a thriving job market, Denver is becoming a hotspot for engineers. Outside of the office engineering professionals can find the second largest performing arts center in the nation, as well as an array of restaurants, bars and clubs to help maintain work-life balance.

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