9 Things Engineers Look For When Assessing A New Job

by Modis on October 12, 2017

With the uptick in the economy, tech jobs are on the rise, making engineering a job-seeker’s market. To attract and retain top engineering talent in 2017 and beyond, employers must compete at higher levels than they have in the past.

Qualified engineers are looking for these nine things when assessing a new job.


Salary is always important, though not necessarily the most important consideration, especially for Millennials who value certain intangibles equally as much. Millennials are now focusing heavily on things other than salary, including benefits and growth opportunities.


Benefits such as healthcare carry almost as much weight as salaries in these times of economic uncertainty. Generous new-parent leave, remote work/telework options and flex-time can often tip the scales in favor of one company over another. New types of benefits are becoming an important aspected to consider when deciding on a new job.


Engineers are considered lifelong learner and in an industry that is constantly evolving, it’s important to continue learning as the field advances. Engineers will look favorably on companies that offer free or reduced-cost programs for degrees, certificates or in-house training courses which could lead to promotions.


To compete for top engineering talent today requires that a company ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Engineers value a company that focus on advancing alongside technology, this could include programs from open-source software frameworks to LEAN and Agile work processes, to 3D printing, Big Data, robotics, automation and Industry 4.0.


Job location is a personal choice, and larger companies can offer more than one location for certain job postings. Some prospective employees look for an exciting, urban setting, while others want to settle down in a more hometown atmosphere, where housing is affordable.

Opportunity to advance

Engineering is actually a creative process and for many engineers, one of the greatest benefits is the freedom to innovate with ownership of the results, including scaleup of solutions.

Companies will be well-regarded for their openness to employee input, from suggestions for improved administrative procedures to designing new products.

Diversity, teamwork and respect

Social issues are keenly important to Millennials. By making your company’s values clear, through Mission and Vision statements, as well as demonstrations of environmental commitments, service projects and outreach programs, your company can resonate with those of prospective employees.

Meaningful work

Today’s engineers want to have a real impact on peoples’ lives and to accomplish important things. Let them know how they will benefit customers, both internal and external, through their hard work.

Company Culture

Your company’s brand can either entice young engineers or turn them off. Not every company can boast of pool tables, sand volleyball courts and free gourmet food (Think: Google). But onsite daycare or free fitness classes could go a long way to tickling the fancies of a prospective employee.

Like any good business, first appearances matter, and in today’s online environment, your social media footprint makes all the difference. To make the best impression, employers must ensure that company websites and blogs are well-designed and well-populated with interesting and relevant content, and keep Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feed up-to-date with industry news, product announcements and community service projects.

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