The Growing Demand for Energy

by Modis on August 22, 2017

devices driving the demand for energyThe 2017 Energy Outlook from BP predicts that global demand for energy is going to continue rising by 1.3% every year. What’s driving this continual growth, how can the energy sector meet the demand, and what does it mean for the job market?

Growth Driving Demand

Despite the move to more energy efficient appliances in our homes, vehicles that use less fuel, and businesses that have streamlined processes in order to use less power, the demand for energy is still growing and shows no sign of abating in the coming years.

What’s driving it? The vast majority of the increase in demand is coming from developing economies in Asia, Africa and South America. Countries on these continents are experiencing rapid urbanization and industrialization with millions of people swapping rural agricultural living for city life, jobs and all that comes with it.

But developed economies like ours are still growing – more homes are being built, more businesses started, and more infrastructure created to support it all. Added to that is the global trend for more and more technology being used in every area of life and the huge data centers that are hosting all of the activities that now get carried out online during every minute of every day.

Meeting the Demand

While providing enough energy to keep up with increasing demand, the energy industry also has to manage environmental concerns and ensure that carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions are reduced in order to limit the impact of climate change.

While the amount of energy coming from renewable sources has grown significantly in the past decade and improvements in energy efficiency performance mean carbon emissions are slowing, they are still going to grow. More investment, entrepreneurship and invention is needed to manage the effects.

Gas is being promoted as a good bridge fuel between oil and renewables and the Internet of Things is seen as a key tool in improving efficiency and environmental performance of all industries, including energy, as we move slowly towards a decarbonized future.

At the same time, energy creation is also being localized and distributed through community micro-grids, energy collectives and self-generating buildings. All of this activity is creating a huge demand for jobs in many different sectors.

Job Growth in Energy

The renewable energy sector is seeing huge employment growth and, according to the Renewables 2016 Status Report, now has over 8 million working for it worldwide. That number is growing every year. As the digital revolution marches on and the changes in the technologies we use come at a faster pace, the demand for workers with engineering skills is also not expected to slow down.

According to research published by the World Economic Forum, the working landscape is set to alter significantly by 2020 and it predicts that there is going to be big growth in the number of jobs available for:

  • Engineers focused on biochemicals, nanotechnology, robotics, and materials
  • Commercial and industrial designers
  • Regulatory and government relations experts

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