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by Modis on January 3, 2017

modis engineeringHere at Modis, our love of innovation runs deep. We’ve been providing top notch tech talent for the past 30 years and are proud of the relationships we’ve built with companies and job seekers alike. That’s why we’re expanding our horizons in 2017 to offer Modis Engineering. Now the same company who brings you quality IT opportunities and talent is also your go-to for engineering staffing needs!

Why introduce an engineering specialty when we’re already leaders in tech recruiting? Because we’re big fans of the field! Here are just a few things we love about engineering.

Engineers Use Both Sides of Their Brain

Most jobs are either creative or logical, but engineers need to combine out-of-the-box thinking with the constraints of science and mathematics to generate new ideas and solutions. This isn’t an everyday skillset! Combining these two methods of thinking is difficult, making engineers a unique group.

Engineers Create Solutions

Whether it’s product design or the availability of resources, engineers thrive on solving problems. Just take a civil engineer, for example: when two pieces of land need to be connected, they create a bridge. In order to achieve their purpose, the bridges they design have to withstand all varieties of weather conditions and variable weight loads. And that’s just a standard bridge – imagine the calculations and modeling that go into designing a drawbridge! The next time you cross over a bridge, thank an engineer!

Engineers Make Good Things Even Better

When the first automobile was created, it was a modern marvel. But can you imagine still driving the original model today? What about the safety measures found in today’s cars, or modern conveniences, like back-up cameras and bluetooth radio, experienced in newer models? Thanks to an engineer, modern technology is with you whenever you hit the road! Engineers take ideas and build on them to create even better things, like airbags, seatbelts, and air conditioning.

Engineering Advancements Benefit Society

It’s hard to imagine a world without microwaves, cars, and cell phones, but without engineers, that’s what life would be like! Other notable contributions include the internet, air conditioning, refrigeration, and highways, not to mention clean water and health technologies.

The All New Modis Engineering

While we can’t really put into words how much we admire engineers, we hope this gave you a glimpse into why we’ve decided to introduce Modis Engineering to the Modis family. We’re looking forward to offering you the same service you’ve experienced in IT staffing for your engineering staffing needs. If you’d like to learn more about Modis Engineering, click here.

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