How Wearable Technology is Transforming Healthcare

June 26, 2017

This year’s Internet Trends report highlighted healthcare technology for the first time. Analyst Mary Meeker noted the impact that cloud computing has had on the market, crediting the cloud with the recent surge in wearables and apps. Meeker also noted that this trend is changing healthcare research and patient data accessibility, specifically with wearable technology. Here […]

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Career Tips for Women in Technology

March 8, 2017

As one of many women in technology, I can tell you first-hand that our ranks are growing. In fact, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 294,000 more women working in the tech sector in January 2017 compared to a year prior. When one woman succeeds, it empowers all of us […]

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5 Ways That New Technology is Being Used to Save Lives

July 20, 2016

New technology is constantly evolving to facilitate a variety of different tasks and roles. Sure, the desire for modern convenience and fresh forms of electronic entertainment drives some of the biggest sectors of the tech world, but many innovators have higher aspirations, too. As much as we all love new games and gadgetry, advancements in the health and safety […]

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10 Health IT Relationships Every HIT Professional Should Covet

July 17, 2012

Twitter is a four letter word to some people.  And while you may have made it a life goal to never set up an account, you may want to reconsider and make an exception (just this once).  Twitter is like green vegetables – even if you don’t like them going down they still have great […]

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Employment Opportunity in Electronic Health Records Systems

November 1, 2011

Chris Pirillo sat down with Eric Marx, the vice president of Healthcare IT Services at Modis, to talk about IT’s increasing role in the health industry and the potential for job growth. Health care is one of the last industries to go through the IT transformation, and it probably won’t be finished transitioning until 2015 […]

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5 Gadgets to Help You Get Fit at Your Desk

January 24, 2011

Forget about all those wussy leg circulation exercises and stretching breaks… Did you know you can run, bike, stair climb and even pump iron (for real) without leaving your desk? Neither did we, until we found the following five devices that will give you an honest-to-God workout right at your workstation: The gadget: Trek Desk […]

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