Employment Opportunity in Electronic Health Records Systems

November 1, 2011

Chris Pirillo sat down with Eric Marx, the vice president of Healthcare IT Services at Modis, to talk about IT’s increasing role in the health industry and the potential for job growth. Health care is one of the last industries to go through the IT transformation, and it probably won’t be finished transitioning until 2015 […]

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5 Gadgets to Help You Get Fit at Your Desk

January 24, 2011

Forget about all those wussy leg circulation exercises and stretching breaks… Did you know you can run, bike, stair climb and even pump iron (for real) without leaving your desk? Neither did we, until we found the following five devices that will give you an honest-to-God workout right at your workstation: The gadget: Trek Desk […]

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Dell’s New Medical Record Solution

June 9, 2010

Small medical practices around the country will not have to spend a lot of money to implement an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system in their offices. Because physicians who do not implement EMR systems will lose at least 5% of their Medicare income, many healthcare providers with limited cash flows are looking for reliable easy to use EMR systems. Computer hardware giant Dell and software company Practice Fusion are offering a software hardware EMR package to these small to medium medical offices that can be easily implemented and more importantly financed.

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