Apple Eyes Beats and Other Tech Headlines for 5/3-5/9

by Modis on May 9, 2014

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Apple Makes a Move for Beats

Late Thursday, rumors swirled that Apple may be acquiring Beats Electronics for a massive $3.2 billion dollars. Not only would this deal make Dr. Dre the first hip hop billionaire, it would also be Apple’s largest acquisition to date. While details have not been released, many are reporting that Apple would take control of both the audio hardware and streaming services of the company which stands to help improve iTunes and iTunes Radio.

Target CEO Hands in Resignation

Nearly two months after Target’s CIO resigned, their CEO has also resigned following the massive data breach the company suffered last fall. The data breach left tens of millions of credit-card numbers and customer records at risk, and the damage to Target’s reputation has caused sales to suffer for the retail giant.

ZTE Sells Open C Firefox Phone via Ebay

Through an exclusive partnership with Ebay, ZTE is selling their Open C Firefox phone for $99. These open source, unlocked phones may not have the most impressive specs, but due to featuring the FireFox OS, they’ve become increasingly popular with the open source community.


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