Around The IT Industry 10/10 – 10/14

by Modis on October 13, 2011

Two hacker groups caused RSA security breach

The RSA president said that two separate hacker groups were responsible for the serious security breach earlier this year and, due to the sophistication of the breach, “can only conclude it was a nation-state-sponsored attack.”

‘Zero-Base Method’ may help manage IT spending complexity

Even though IT departments are pushed to do more with fewer materials and equipment, they can’t stop innovating in order to stay ahead of the curve. The ‘Zero-Base Method’ might help keep track of and manage costs in order to have the most effective spending.

German authorities’ use of spyware prompts investigation

After authorities from four German states said they used spyware for citizen surveillance purposes, Germany’s justice minister wants to investigate. The law states that spyware can be used to track criminals, and its use is supposed to be limited to intercepting Internet telephony.

Most popular malware propagation tactic is socially engineered malware

In a report recently released by Microsoft called the Security Intelligence Report, socially engineered malware is the most popular malware propagation tactic. This type of malware involves getting users to download malicious files.

Developers release Ubuntu 11.10 and usher in improvements

The new update, Oneiric Ocelot, brings in enhancements to Ubuntu’s Unity shell. This version of Ubuntu was announced in March, and new Ubuntu releases are issued every 6 months.

LTE won’t be nearly as efficient as originally promised

Independent telecommunications researcher Peter Rysavy released a report that says previous Citi research relies on the assumption that networks always operate at the ultimate efficiency. Because this isn’t necessarily the case, actual spectral efficiency is really about 1/6 of the amount specified.


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