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by Modis on October 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface Priced

Far higher than the anticipated (and overly-hyped) $200 price tag, the official word has come in on the price point for Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT Surface Tablet: $499 and up.  This pricing scheme puts the Surface on par with Apple’s tablet offering, the iPad.  The new tablet is said to work exclusively with applications from the Windows Store, meaning that the dreams of many who expected to have a Windows-capable tablet machine running all their favorite programs might not yet be a reality.

Foxconn Admits to Child Labor Violations

China-based electronics company Foxconn, responsible for many of the electronics used in Apple’s iPhone and similar products, has admitted to violations of Chinese child labor laws following an investigation by the China Labor Watch who confirmed that children as young as 14 years of age were serving as interns at the company’s Yantai facility.  The company has assumed culpability for the violation, but also claims that the interns were sent to the facility by schools in the area and that those schools should be primarily at fault for the incident despite Foxconn’s lack of confirmation on the children’s identities before they were permitted to work.

Behold the Power of the DMCA Notice

Textbook publisher Pearson has created a chain of events that resulted in over 1.5 million blogs being taken down by a single DMCA notice against a teacher on one of Edublogs’ websites for posting a link to a piece of information from a 38-year-old textbook owned by the company… in 2007.  The link was posted as a means for students enrolled in the class to access the selected material, but Pearson immediately issued the DMCA notice to ServerBeach, the hosting company responsible for EduBlogs, who then shut down the Edublogs’ websites within 12 hours.

Amazon’s New Revenue Stream is Consumers Themselves

Amazon’s latest idea for raising revenue while lowering prices for consumers involves selling those very consumers themselves, in a sense.  Amazon is currently the 6th most frequented website on the Internet after Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others.  As such a highly-frequented site, the potential exists for Amazon to earn a considerable amount of revenue simply by placing targeted ads on the site geared towards shoppers.  Amazon’s marketing plan involves selling ad space on the site to advertisers who are interested in targeting shoppers from a variety of demographics which are compiled based on the shopper’s browsing history and user information, much like many other social media sites.

Most Businesses Not Going to Windows 8

In a recent survey from Forrester Research, only about 33% of companies surveyed plan to upgrade their current operating systems to Microsoft’s new Windows 8 platform this winter.  Over 40% have not considered the OS at all and 10% admit to outright skipping it altogether.  This is a considerable reduction in business interest in the OS as compared to its predecessor, Windows 7, which two-thirds of companies surveyed said they would adopt in 2009.  The reason for this reduction of interest is likely due to the short time period the Windows 7 platform has enjoyed relative to other operating systems in the Microsoft line-up and the fact that many companies are not ready to throw away their considerable investment in the current OS just yet.

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