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by Modis on October 20, 2011

Google announces Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

Google and Samsung announced the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in Hong Kong on Tuesday. Features include Android Beam, which is like the Bump app, drag-and-drop-text capabilities, and a phone-unlocking capability that supposedly allows you access by recognizing your face. The last feature didn’t work at the demo.

Hackers using QR codes may pose security risk

After an incident in Russia in which Android phone owners had large phone bills after scanning a 2D barcode, which probably put Trojans on the phones, people are wondering how secure QR codes will be in the future. It’s not hard for someone to make a QR code pointing to a URL with malware, by hackers may not have had the incentive in the past.

EMC announces two VNX midrange array line upgrades

EMC unveiled a high-bandwidth model and an all solid-state drive machine at its customer forum. The VNX array has had an optional SSDs before, but the new model contains more solid state drive slots and is preconfigured, the EMC vice president of product management said.

InfoWorld creates list of dead or dying technologies and ideas

Called the 2011 Tech Industry Graveyard, this compilation highlights the products and concepts that weren’t successful enough to hang on until 2012. The list includes Google Labs, Cisco Flip Video Camera, Microsoft Zune Devices, and Activision Guitar Hero.

Big Data Influences IT

A recent McKinsey Quarterly report says departmental silos will be a big challenge for companies using Big Data. Information hoarding poses another potential problem, but in the long-run, McKinsey thinks Big Data will become an asset.

Cloud may be more secure than traditional methods

At an Amazon Web Services conference, the CIA chief technology officer said cloud computing might be more secure than the client-server approach. This information might help ease the fears of US government agencies worried about moving applications to the cloud.

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