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by Modis on November 2, 2012

Google’s Search App Now Available for iOS

Apple’s signature voice-activated search agent known as ‘Siri’ has a new competitor in the Apple App Store now: Google Search, the most advanced voice search application yet developed by the search engine giant.  The application provides immediate responses to most simple questions, reading them aloud to the user in some cases, and allows for some truly impressive feats of search term indexing.  Whether you want to find movie trailers, flight schedules, or information on your favorite television shows, the new Google Search will turn your iPhone or iPad into a finely-tuned search machine.

Windows 8 Sales Top 4 Million in 3 Days

While many businesses and even users seemed to be reluctant to pick up Microsoft’s latest OS offering, the numbers suggest that sales of Windows 8 may actually outstrip its predecessor, Windows 7.  The success of the new operating system’s launch is partially accredited to the fact that upgrades to the new system are being priced lower than the previous edition but also that computer enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on the latest technology.  While the Windows App Store for the new OS is somewhat sparse, Microsoft has stated that more apps are on the way soon to round out the new system’s offering.

Google’s Nexus 4 Smartphone Analyzed

The next big name on the smartphone stage is Google’s quad-core Nexus 4, designed to compete with both Apple’s new iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III.  After testing these phones (as well as a few others) side by side, the benchmarks suggest that the Nexus 4 certainly gives the iPhone 5 a run for its money in many respects and beats the Galaxy S III quite handily in nearly every arena.  While few applications currently available are written to take advantage of quad-core architecture in the mobile environment, now that quad-core devices are beginning to surface that trend may change and these new devices will really start to show their true potential.

iPhone Loyalty on the Decline

While Apple almost certainly has some of the most dedicated fans on the market these days, that dedication seems to be waning in recent history as data from Strategy Analytics shows a 13% decrease in the number of iPhone users who say they will buy an Apple product for their next smartphone in Western Europe and a 5% decline in the United States.  The declining loyalty is attributed to “negative press prompted by a perceived lack of recent innovation” with regards to Apple’s latest product offerings.

Yahoo! Rejects IE 10 Browser Preferences

Microsoft made a bold step on the Internet user privacy front when they revealed that the company’s new browser, Internet Explorer 10, would have the ‘do not track’ (DNT) option enabled by default to prevent websites from collecting information on the user’s browsing history.  Previous browsers required the user to enable DNT manually, an option many browser users are not even aware of to begin with.  Internet media giant Yahoo!, however, has stated that they intend for their network of sites to ignore the IE 10 browser defaults in order to deliver a more personalized experience to users.  Yahoo!, as well as many similar companies, rely on advertising revenue to operate and with DNT options becoming commonplace, those advertisements cannot be targeted towards users accurately and will thus result in decreased sales and decreased demand for placement on Yahoo! pages, lowering revenue as a result.

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