Around The IT Industry 10/3 – 10/7

by Modis on October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs dies but leaves behind a legacy

ReadWriteWeb pays tribute to Jobs by explaining the three main things they appreciated about all of his amazing work in the tech world. They break it down to these characteristics: how he re-defined mobile computing, his design philosophy, and his leadership.

Recent survey reveals top IT skills in demand

A Computerworld survey shows what 353 polled IT execs feel will be the desired skills in the IT industry. These skills include experience in project management, business intelligence, help desk/technical support, and more.

Retail sites release AMD’s eight-core desktop processor details

Before their official launch, retail sites have released information about the first eight-core desktop processors from Advanced Micro Devices. These processors, the FX-8120 and the FX-8150, are part of a family of chips that are aimed at high-end systems.

OS X Lion will alter the way some companies function

Lion definitely appeals to small firms, but how will it affect larger firms that implement Mac systems on a larger scale? This article breaks down how Lion will change these companies’ processes and offers tips on what these companies should keep in mind.

Linux skills can make or break an IT job app

Whereas having Linux skills before meant possibly standing out of the crowd, the current competitive job landscape may now require that candidates have Linux skills just to qualify. As the fast-growing operating system in the world, Linux is having a bigger impact on how employers view job applicants.

Oracle announces new public cloud

Saying it’s both a platform and an application, CEO Larry Ellison described the new cloud offering at the Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco on Oct. 5. “When you need a cloud, you just need a cloud,” he said.

Wireless stores may pose mobile security threat

Michael A. Davis from InformationWeek suggests that phones may allow wireless stores to access the network on the phones and that phones passed on to other company employees can contain confidential company data.

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