Around The IT Industry 11/21 – 11/25

by Modis on November 24, 2011

iPhone 5 may feature NFC

According to a report from DigiTimes, the iPhone 5 is expected to ship with NFC when it’s released in 2012. This could, however, just be another example of false rumors surfacing before an Apple product’s release, but if the iPhone 5 does have NFC, it could propel the technology’s penetration to more than 50% in a few years.

Admission officers notice heightened interest in computer science

Professors and admission officers anticipate a new record for undergraduate applications for the computer science departments. The undergraduate schools offering the best computer science programs have noticed an increased interest in the subject and expect the enrollment to rise, as well.

Recent control system hack raises questions about utilities’ security

When an Illinois utility’s control system was hacked and took months to be discovered, security experts said that this is a bigger deal than the Department of Homeland Security makes it out to be. The incident points to the possibility that industrial control systems aren’t secure enough.

DOD hopes to use games to get public involved in software verification

The Department of Defense aims to create computer games for the public that will be a “fun” way to participate in verifying software for weapons systems. People can use these games to participate in software verification, which is a process that ensures an application meets its requirements.

Experts say Facebook still has security issues

Researchers at the Barracuda Networks security firm say that Facebook still has at least 7 security issues that the team should address in order to keep users safe. Some of these are manipulated recommendations, stolen pictures, and fake apps.

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