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by Modis on November 30, 2012

Google Drive Allows Gmail Users to Transfer Files up to 10GB

Google has recently merged their Gmail service with the Google Drive cloud storage service in order to allow users of both services to use the cloud to send large files as e-mail attachments up to 10 gigabytes.  Both the sender and the recipient of the file must have Google accounts with both services in order to take advantage of this new feature, but technology is built-in to grant the necessary permissions to people receiving the files.

Barnes & Noble Ebooks Could Become Inaccessible After Credit Card Expires

Many, if not all, of Barnes & Noble’s eBooks come equipped with DRM in order to prevent piracy of digital media.  What the retailer does not mention is that the media is tied to the purchaser’s Barnes & Noble account, which is in turn tied to a credit card on file.  When that credit card expires, users could lose access to items which they have legitimately paid for.  As a result, many users are finding ways to strip off the DRM and use the items free of the company’s account.

Cyber Monday 2012 Reaches Record $2 Billion High

The numbers are in for Cyber Monday 2012, and the estimates suggest that this year, online spending during the digital holiday has increased more than 17% from last year for a record-breaking $2 billion.  The mobile device market in particular reported significant growth, doubling from 2011, and comprised 22% of all Cyber Monday purchases.

Apple Fires Manager Behind Apple Maps Team

The man behind the infamously flawed Apple Maps application for Apple’s iOS 6, Richard Williamson, was fired recently as a result of the critical problems with the new application.  Due to an inability for Apple to reach an agreement with Google regarding the license for Google Maps technologies, Apple decided to create an in-house alternative which took advantage of Apple services such as Siri as well as a more efficient means of transmitting data and caching.  Still, the end result was poorly received by critics and users, leading Apple CEO Tim Cook to issue a public apology for the app which even included recommendations for other applications.

Cloud Computing for Cars

GM’s OnStar program has been around for 16 years and is an integral component in many GM vehicles these days, providing a means of remote diagnostics and roadside assistance for owners all over America.  Now, with Chevrolet’s Volt hybrid car and its complex diagnostic software, user Mike Rosack figured out a way to tap into his car’s data and created a mobile platform to analyze his fuel efficiency and other factors.  New developments in the OnStar API have caused Rosack’s platform to malfunction recently, but GM and OnStar have brought the developer on-board to develop the next generation of the platform with an official capacity.

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