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by Modis on November 9, 2012

Latest Ubuntu Release Features Full Disk Encryption

Ubuntu, one of the most popular distributions of the open source Linux operating system, has released version 12.10 of the software recently.  This release is the first Ubuntu release to offer Full Disk Encryption (FDE) built-in to the system itself.  FDE is a powerful encryption tool that protects sensitive data from being accessed by people who should not be accessing it and the security feature was previously available only by an alternative add-on feature hidden in the text-based Ubuntu installer that many users are completely unaware of.

Google Chrome Updates Extend Laptop Battery Life

Watching videos online can rapidly devour the energy stored within a laptop battery, but Google’s Chrome browser has released an update that will enable GPU-accelerated video decoding, improving battery life by up to 25% when viewing.  Numerous other minor updates were added as well, including the ability to quickly view the security and preferences for a given site simply by clicking the page/lock icon in the address bar.

NVIDIA Boosts Linux GeForce Performance

Despite a long period of neglect in the frontier of Linux platform gaming, NVIDIA has finally released a new set of Linux drivers for their graphics hardware which boosts performance by up to 100% on some systems.  The new R310 drivers support the newest GeForce GTX 600 Series GPUs as well as the previous generation cards (including the 8800 GT and above).  Valve Software’s Vice President of Marketing was pleased with NVIDIA’s work on the drivers, stating that it was an “absolutely unequalled solution for Linux gamers” and will complement Valve’s new Steam for Linux digital software platform.

Intel’s Latest SSD Cuts Costs by 40%

Solid state drives are becoming increasingly popular both because of their reliability and incredible data transfer rates but the one thing holding these drives back from truly entering the mainstream has been cost.  Intel’s new DC S3700 Series SSDs hope to buck that trend by reducing the price per gigabyte by 40% over previous generations of the hardware.  In addition to the reduced cost, the new SSDs feature double the lifespan of their predecessors and improved read/write speeds.  The drives are slated for general production in the first quarter of 2013.

Kapersky Security Study Lists 10 Most Vulnerable Products

While Microsoft has consistently come under fire for its security vulnerabilities in the past, the improvements in Windows 7 and 8 have caused the company to drop off of Kapersky’s list for the first time in the history of the study.  Apple, however, is not as fortunate, as two of the company’s signature applications (Apple QuickTime and Apple iTunes) have found a place on the list.  Other highly vulnerable products include several Adobe products as well as Oracle Java and Winamp’s AVI / IT File Processing system.

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