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by Modis on January 5, 2012

Fifth generation of Wi-Fi waits on the horizon
The next version of Wi-Fi is called 802.11ac and will feature many benefits: more speed, more reliable coverage in rooms, and the ability to draw less power because of the increase in speed. Broadcom has also introduced its first gigabit-speed 802.11ac chip.

5 Ways to Improve Project Management in IT
Establishing a good project management process can help increase employee performance. In order to improve the chances of success, some best practices can be implemented. These include helping the executives understand how ICT project management functions and finding funding for projects.

Scammers take advantage of Timeline backlash
Because there has been a negative response to the new Facebook layout by some users, scammers are creating bogus Facebook pages claiming that getting the old style of profile back was possible. (It isn’t.)

NASA plans to showcase open-source projects
NASA’s new site will be used to showcase open-source information and activities. The website will most likely be rolled out in three phases, the first one including points of contact and an existing-project directory.

What 2012 Will Mean For IT Outsourcing
While last year’s IT outsourcing industry trends included things like cloud computing and smaller deals, 2012 is looking to be a similar but still unique year. New developments may arise, and a few first-time phenomena may occur, as well. Here are the 12 predictions as provided by CIO.

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