Around The IT Industry 12/12 – 12/16

by Modis on December 15, 2011

Can SOPA really end the Internet?
Carl Weinschenk from IT Business Edge explores whether or not the opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act is over-the-top or understandable. In the midst of the House Judiciary Committee marking up the act, Weinschenk explores the different sides of the argument.

PC vendors losing motivation to compete in tablet realm
PC seems to have less interest in trying to keep up with Apple (who has been dominating with the iPad and iPad 2) and Amazon (whose first-ever tablet has apparently been selling successfully). Instead, focus appears to be turning toward Ultrabooks.

Why smartphones should be treated like computers
Art Wittmann discusses how most activity on smartphones these days is performed through the use of applications and how people have been using their smartphones to actually make phone calls less and less. So why are network contracts based on phone usage? Why can’t we make calls solely through the use of apps?

Chrome 15 overtakes IE8’s top spot
For the first time, a non-Microsoft browser has taken the top position in StatCounter’s tracking. Google’s Chrome 15 is currently the most popular browser edition in the world. Chrome 15 accounted for 24% of the global browser usage market during the first week of December and the last two weeks of November, according to InfoWorld.

InfoWorld posts quiz to rate your inner geek
Do you really want to know how geeky you are? If so, are you to find out? InfoWorld’s posted the ultimate nerd quiz consisting of 20 awesomely geeky questions to assess the intensity of your geek. See how you measure up!

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