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by Modis on December 21, 2012

Facebook Autoplay Video Ads Coming Soon

Social media giant Facebook is expected to beef up its video advertisement strategies in the coming months by adding autoplay videos to the site.  These videos are expected to be targeted advertisements based on the user’s profile and browsing history as with most other ads on the site.  Facebook intends to offer such advertising to companies who would normally market via television, offering yet another audience for mass media outlets to reach out to.

iOS 6 Catching On After Google Maps Arrival

After the fiasco with Apple’s failed in-house mapping application, the company finally approved the Google Maps application to be rolled out on iOS 6 last week.  Since the announcement, MoPub ad exchange data indicates 29% more Apple users have made the upgrade to the newest version of the operating system, most of whom upgraded over the weekend.  The data strongly suggests that many users were reluctant to upgrade until Google Maps was made available in the newest version.

Instagram Revisits Privacy Policy Changes

Photo-sharing app Instagram has faced significant outrage from many users in response to the company’s recent changes to the application’s privacy policy.  In particular, the wording of the new policy suggested that Instagram could sell images owned by users to third parties for use in advertisement or other marketing purposes without recompense to the image owner.  In response to the outcry, Instagram has issued a statement that clarifies the company’s position and states that user images cannot and will not be sold to third parties without notification and/or compensation.

Germany Ordering Facebook to Allow Pseudonyms

The Facebook policy of preventing users from using pseudonyms has been the standard since the service first came online years ago but only recently has the service become an international sensation.  Many countries have different privacy laws than the United States, however, and Germany has recently ordered changes to the company’s policy in order to bring the service into conformity with German law.  Facebook itself opposes the change, stating that its policy is in accordance with European data protection rules.

Most Kickstarter Projects Fail to Meet Deadlines

According to an analysis conducted by CNNMoney on the top 50 most-funded projects, a surprising 84 percent of Kickstarter projects miss their target delivery dates.  While the service offers a wide range of projects to be promoted on the site, most of the site’s top-funded projects tend to be in the tech, video game, or design categories.  These categories tend to be the most time-consuming ventures and often have significant potential for setback, which leads to shipping delays.  Still, some projects do manage to hit their deadlines and the Kickstarter service remains as strong as ever in spite of these revelations.

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