Around The IT Industry 12/19 – 12/23

by Modis on December 22, 2011

New scheme puts Facebook accounts at risk
A new fraudulent scheme involving bogus browser extensions can allow cybercriminals to hijack Facebook accounts, according to researchers from WebSense.

SOPA may pass House Judiciary Committee despite opposition
Even though some lawmakers are very concerned about the Stop Online Piracy Act, it seems the bill has a reasonable probability of passing the House Judiciary Committee. Proposals to amend the controversial bill were denied.

2011 brought many changes to the IT industry
Eric Lundquist from InformationWeek breaks down all of the changes that occurred in IT in 2011. He covers everything from cloud computing to the new boss at IBM to Stuxnet.

Increased threats in tech security likely to rise
Eric Geier from PC World forecasts the security issues likely to arise in 2012. He discusses threats relating to computers, social networking, smartphones, and tablets.

Engineers discover approach to self-repairing circuits
University of Illinois engineers have found a way for circuits to take care of problems by self-repairing. The technology involves several 10-micron microcapsules of liquid metal, and it works about 90% of the time.

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