Around The IT Industry 12/26 – 12/30

by Modis on December 29, 2011

Lack of economic growth doesn’t stifle IT’s growth
While the economic growth everyone’s waiting for has yet to arrive, that doesn’t mean IT spending is down. Some have thought IT will just become a commodity, but this doesn’t appear to be the case, either. Business are spending money on IT again.

10 technologies that can benefit your business
InfoWorld explains what 10 technologies businesses should keep an eye on, as they’re likely to give companies an edge over the competition.  Many technological advancements are on the horizon for 2012, but devices and processes that already exist will also present great opportunities.

Carl Weinschenk explores topic of wireless network reliability
With relatively recent network outages — like the BlackBerry debacle in October — hurting the reputation of wireless network dependability, Weinschenk considers different perspectives and questions whether the network performance is really that unreasonable.

FCC approves database of unlicensed wireless spectrum
For the first time, the Federal Communications Commission approved a database that can be used by white spaces devices. It also approved a Koos Technical Services devic  that can work in the unused bands in the area of spectrum used by TV stations.

IT World explains Hadoop and how it can benefit IT
Part I of a series about one of the most popular examples of an NDBMS has been released and works to explain how Hadoop is put together so that people can better understand what skills are necessary to use it.

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