Around The IT Industry 1/30 – 2/3

by Modis on February 2, 2012

Apple may transition to an enterprise role
Computer World’s Ryan Faas breaks down whether Apple will make the transition from being seen as strictly a consumer company to being viewed as an enterprise technology company. It already has a hold on the mobile enterprise market because of its MacBook Air, iPhone, and iPad.

Researchers may have found a replacement for silicon
A naturally occurring compound called molybdenite may be able to replace silicon in electronics and even improve upon graphene. Its advantage over graphene is that it has a “naturally occurring band gap,” which is what makes silicon so useful.

Computer Weekly releases customer relations buyer’s guide
This 9-page guide delves into the process IT professionals and CIOs should use as they plan CRM (customer relationship management) strategies. It also addresses how social networking can tie into the strategy.

AMD chip design will fundamentally change
Chips designed by AMD will involve the CPUs and GPUs running common software applications and sharing a memory pool. Third-party intellectual property can be integrated, as well, which would allow for customization.

Bank data storage systems growing obsolete
With the growing amount of “big data” that finds its way to banks, the financial institutions will need to find a way to rework data storage. It’ll have to involve the scalability necessary to handle different types of information.

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