Around The IT Industry 2/13 – 2/17

by Modis on February 16, 2012

IT behavior that leads to burnout
Some choices that may seem inconsequential might actually harm an IT professional’s job performance and health. This article lists 10 things IT workers should consider not doing in order to avoid burnout oat work.

Apple releases information about Mountain Lion
The new Mac OS X operating system was released to some developers on Thursday. It includes more than 100 updates and changes, and Apple’s Tim Cook explains some of them in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Researchers discover way to boost processing performance
Researchers from North Carolina State University have figured out a way to increase CPU/GPU performance by more than 21%. The researchers believe the chips haven’t been reaching their full potential efficiency-wise.

How to remove “crapware” from your PC
Instead of just leaving the applications that come installed with your PC sitting there to take up space and waste your RAM power, use these tools to remove them once and for all. Tech Republic highlights 5 great tools to help you with your mission.

Computer Weekly provides tips for the IPv6 transition
On June 6, the switch from IPv4 to IPv6 will occur, and with it will come a set of issues that organizations should address. The article discusses topics relating to the lack of awareness, security concerns, and more.

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