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by Modis on February 22, 2013

Google Glass Still Showing Off

While it seems like Google’s technological marvel “Glass” headset has been wowing consumers with videos and promises for a whole year now, there is no denying that the possibilities presented in Google’s demonstration videos are impressive.  A new video released this week showcases the device’s interconnectivity with onscreen navigation, voice-controlled messages, and speech-based Web searching.  Perhaps more impressive than all of these, however, is the demonstration of real-time text translation.  The wearer can simply look at a bit of foreign script and Glass will analyze the image, cross-reference against an online database, and present a translation of the imaged text to the wearer in a matter of seconds.

FCC Approves Gigabit Wi-Fi Proposal

The Federal Communications Commission has agreed to free up more airwaves for Gigabit Wi-Fi traffic recently which will brings America one step closer to true public Wi-Fi.  By implementing a wide array of signal boosters, particularly in rural areas, the user experience in areas frequently plagued by poor reception will be dramatically improved and allow faster wireless transfer speeds as well.  This expansion of service capabilities is meant not to ease wireless carrier bandwidth issues but to enable users across a wide range of service areas to have reliable access even during extreme network traffic such as during a local crisis.

Hotmail is Gone, But Many Older Internet Gems Are Still Around

Microsoft has announced its intention to replace all current Hotmail e-mail accounts with accounts later this year and, as a result, the Hotmail domain will return to the void from whence it came.  Still, not all ancient domains face oblivion when their time in the limelight as expired.  Several popular sites still remain online even more than a decade since their popularity waned!  Whether they be movie sites such as Warner Brothers’ Space Jam or the ’90s romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail, official sites related to shows that have long since left the airwaves, or even the sites of political figures who are no longer in the arena, it’s surprising the see what gems get left around on the Internet when their time is done.

Official Android 4.2.2 Changelog Revealed

Android released version 4.2.2 of the popular mobile operating system last week and quietly rolled it out to users across many carriers shortly thereafter.  While very little has changed from the previous version 4.2, Google has decided to release a complete listing of changes present in the new version (as well as highlight a few changes in 4.2 that many may have missed).  Most of the changes are purely functional, such as improved Wi-Fi Direct support, and minor features like the ability to access TalkBack directly from the power menu.

European Upstarts Give Sprint a Business Model to Follow Against U.S. Powerhouses

While American wireless powerhouses AT&T and Verizon are growing at a rapid pace even in this economic downturn, similar wireless behemoths in Europe are losing footing to local upstart providers thanks to some aggressive marketing schemes.  U.S. wireless provider Sprint is slated to be bought out by Japanese-based SoftBank later this year and, if the infusion of new money into the corporation is spent wisely, might it be possible for Sprint to stage an insurrection of its own by following in the footsteps of its European counterparts?  Only time will tell.

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