Around the IT Industry 2/27-3/2

by Modis on March 2, 2012

A Glimpse at the New Face of Windows
Microsoft’s flagship operating system is undergoing another makeover, and this time it’s Windows 8, a multi-platform operating system designed to provide similar functionality across a variety of devices.

AT&T’s Plan to Increase Bandwidth Profits
AT&T is currently planning a new service which would allow content and app developers to pay extra for their content to be downloaded and used by end users without counting towards that user’s bandwidth usage. This plan allows users to download and use more of these “preferred” applications without impacting their monthly data limits, but is likely to create a rising cost for such applications to cover the developers’ expenses.

South Korea’s New Free Wi-Fi
Telecom giant LG U+ has recently made it possible for South Koreans to access wi-fi services absolutely free of charge, no matter what mobile carrier they use. A single 15-second commercial plays for each hour the user remains connected, which creates the advertising capital LG needs to make this system work.

Red Hat Linux Now a Billion Dollar Company
At the end of the fiscal year, Red Hat reaches a new milestone in the technology industry as the first company to reach over one billion dollars in annual revenue as the result of building and maintaining open source software. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, released in 2003, is the commercialized version of the free, open source, Red Hat Linux operating system which ceased production at the same time.

Google’s New Terms of Service
Google is updating its terms and conditions this week, including some new conditions that are turning a few heads. Your Google identity may be equalized across multiple services, meaning the photo you use to identify yourself in Google+ might well be applied to any e-mail correspondence you send via Gmail and so on. Additionally, pseudonyms that associate with the same e-mail address may have their anonymity stripped away.

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