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by Modis on February 9, 2012

Open source helps online banking malware evolve
The creators of the piece of malware called Citadel have used an open source development model to fix problems and add features, which has allowed the Trojan to spread rapidly. The source code came from the Trojan called ZeuS’ source code, which leaked only months after its creator abandoned it.

Which tablet is best for your enterprise?
If you’re looking for the tablet that’s the most enterprise-ready, Information Week breaks down the pros and cons of 6 different tablets and lists out their prices. From the Apple iPad 2 to the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, this article will spell out the differences between the various tablets.

Scientists discover new method of storing data
A team of scientists have figured out a way to store data hundreds of times faster than the capability of current hard drives. This is done magnetically — while it was once thought heat would only destroy the magnetic order, it is now known that heat can be a stimulus for recording data on a magnetic medium.

DDoS tools provide hacktivists with a range of options
At least 55 DDoS tools are available to online attackers. Hacktivists can use, rent, or download these tools. The goal of many of these DDoS attacks is to steal information, such as valuable financial data.

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