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by Modis on March 15, 2012

Google Gets Encrypted Worldwide

Google has recently announced that it will be enabling SSL encryption on its global search pages to increase security and privacy for all users. The Internet search giant converted the US-based domain to the secured protocol last year and is now making the switch for its international portals as well.

Why Recycle When You Can Un-Print?

England’s University of Cambridge has discovered a means to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of printed goods that are subsequently destroyed or recycled. Instead of recycling the paper to be reformed into new paper for future use, a new system simply un-prints the printed product, leaving the paper exactly as it was before.

New Software Brings Virtual Machines to Mobile Devices

A new prototype software program called WSX allows users to control their virtual machines not only from other workstations, but also from their mobile phones, tablets, or any other device with a modern web browser. With proper network configuration, a user could connect to their virtual machine at home almost instantly after acquiring a new iPad or similar device from anywhere with Internet access.

Understanding Pinterest and How It Can Benefit You

Social media hub Pinterest has recently caught on with Internet users as a quick and easy way to share images, posts, and all sorts of Web content with their friends and family. While Pinterest is predominantly used by college-aged persons, the trend is catching on and whole new avenues of advertising are opening up for Web entities with the knowledge to optimize their content for this new wave of social media.

Farewell to AIM

AOL Instant Messenger, commonly referred to as AIM, is going the way of the dodo. With Gchat, Facebook, and many other newer instant messaging programs becoming commonplace, a recent statement from AOL says that the Instant Messenger team has been largely discharged and that the company intends to retain only support staff for the aging instant messenger program. While the future is still uncertain, a lack of developers means a lack of updates and innovation for the program.

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